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What is a Content Switch?
Avance networking device that works at least at layer 7(application Layer) and hides server behind a single IP address.
What is InterVLAN Routing?
A feature on some switches to create virtual routers.
What is Intrusion detection/intrusion prevention?
A process used to detect that something has intruded into a network and that protects networks from intrusions.
What is Load Balancing?
The process of taking several servers and making them look like a single server, distributing the processing and network traffic load across the physical servers.
What is a Multilayer Switch?
A swtich that has functions that operate at multiple layers of the OSI seven-layer model.
What is Point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP)?
A protocol that works with PPP to provide a secure data link between computers usiing encryption.
What is Port Authentication?
A function of many advanced networking devices that authenticates a connecting device at the point of connection.
What is Prot Mirroring?
The capability of many advanced switches to mirror data from any or all physical ports on a switch to a single physical port. Useful for any type of situation where an administer needs to inspect packets coming from certain computers.
What is a Proxy Server?
A device that fetches internet resources for a client without exposing that client directly to the internet. Most proxy servers accept requests for HTTP,FTP,POP3 and SMPT resources. the proxy server often caches, or stores, a copy of the requested resource for later use.
What is a Quality of Service(QoS)?
Policies that control how much bandwidth a protocol, pc, user, VLAN, or IP address may use.
What is a Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS)?
A special remote access server program, originally only available on windows server, on which a PPTP endpoint is placed in Microsoft networks.
What is Traffic shaping?
Controlling the flow of packets into or out from the network according to the type of packet or other rules
What is a Trunk Port?
A port on a switch configured to carry all data, regardless of VLAN number, between all switches in a LAN.
What is Trunking?
The process of transfering VLAN data between two or more switches.
What is Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)?
A LAN that, using VLAN-capable switches, places some systems on a virtual broadcast domains.
What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
A network configuration that enables a remote user to access a private network via the internet. VPN's employ an encryption methodology called TUNNELING, which protects the data from interception.
What is a VPN concentrator?
A VPN-capable router that serves as endpoint of a VPN, rather then having the endpoint be a server program, residing on a server on the LAN.