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ChAPter 12 AP European History Flashcards

Chapter 12 In The Princeton Review Book 

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Dreyfus Affair
In France, this led to the creation of a monarchist group that was violently anti-semitic called Action Francaise
Josephine Butler
She created the Ladies National Association and was against the Contagious Diseases Act where women were forced to be screened for STD's while makes weren't made to
Cult of Domesticity
Women must have traits to make her house a blissful paradise. She should have religious piety, be submissive, and have sexual purity.  She is responsible for the religious life of the family
Henry Bessemer and William Siemens
Both introduced new methods of producing steel in more quantities without increasing the costs
Karl Benz
Inventor of the internal combustion engine 
Alfred Nobel
Invented dynamite but was disgusted at how people used it as weapons. He created the Nobel Peace Prize
Michael Faraday
electromagnetism and electricity
James Joule
Dmitrit Mendeleev
Periodic Table
Wilhelm Rontgen
Ernest Rutherford and Max Planck
-Discovered the nucleus- Quantum Physics
Friedrich Nietzche
Break free from traditional morality. "God is dead". He hated Bismarck's Germany because it was populated by masses so he promoted the "superman". Wrote "Thus Spake Zarathrustra"
Sigmund Freud 
-Father of Psychoanalysis-delved into the human subconscious-Interpretation of Dreams and Civilization and Its Discontent-Humans are violent to the very core
Joseph Lister and Ignaz Semmelweiss 
- Carbolic acid as an disinfectant- Made labor easier for women by suggesting doctors and nurses wash their hands
Thomas Cook
-Popularized middle class traveling
Edward Burnstein
-Evolutionary Socialism- his followers were called "revisionists"-Socialists should work towards improving the working class conditions with a capitalist framework- voting can help achieve Socialist goals
Joseph Proudhon
-Anarchy-What is Property?-Laws of society has little to do with the government-Wants the state abolished
-The only way to live in peace would be going back to their Jewish Homeland-Theodore Herzl 
Women's Social and Political Union
-Emmeline Pankhurst-Suffragettes-Had violent ways of obtaining the right to vote
Leopold von Ranke
-Reconstruct the past by presenting as it is and not viewing the past the same way we view the future-Necessary to go back to the original sources
Wolfgang von Goethe 
-Most famous Romantic writer -Sorrows of Young Woerthe
Romantic musical composers
-Ludwig von Beethoven -Franz Schubert- invented the lied (art song)-Hector Berlioz- music tells a story without singers or words-Frederic Chopin- music of the native peasants of Poland-Franz Liszt- gypsy music -Sergei Diaghilev- Rite of Spring (ballet)-Igor Stravinsky- rejected every element of classical music
Romantic artists 
-Eugene Delacroix rejected the political order in art)-Louis Daguerre- pioneer in photography;invented the daguerreotype-George Eastman created flexible film and the first box  camera
*Wanted to paint the world around them without illusions*Gustave Colbert- Rejected Romanticism and painted the grim harsh life of peasants* Jean-Francois Millet did the same*Honore Daumier- cartoons of corrupt politicians and the legal system of the July monarchy
Edouard Manet
*propelled the Impressionist art movement*Modern art, where viewers don't look beneath the painting for a new perspective
Social imperialists
Imperialism is a mean of relieving certain domestic social problems like overpopulation
Berlin Conference
Organized by Bismarck, it set up rules for the creation of colonies. Nations had to prove that they established enough authority to protect existing rights
Informal Empire
A state has significant influence over another nation's economy*GB was the first state to practice this with China
William Morton
Introduced anesthesia in the form of ether
Maria Montessori
*New Woman*famous educator and physician*Known for her teaching abilities for the mentally ill