Midterm Chapter 10

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Midterm Chapter 10

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Advantages of Teams
customer satisfactionproduct and service qualityspeed and efficiency in product developmentemployee job satisfactiondecision making
Disadvantages of Teams
*initially high employee turnover*social loafing*disadvantages of group decision making-group think-inefficient meetings-minority domination-lack of accountability
When to use teams
-clear purpose-job cant be done unless ppl work together-team based rewards are possible-ample resources exist-teams have authority
Cross functional teams
-employees from diff. functional areas-attack problems from multiple perspectives-generate more ideas and alternative solutions-often used in conjunction with matrix and product organizational structures
Virtual Teams
geographically and/or organizationally dispersed co-workers who use a combination of telecommunications and info technologies to accomplish an organizational task
Project Teams
created to complete specific, one-time projects or tasks within a limited time
Work Team Characteristics
-team norms-team cohesiveness-team size-team conflict-team development
Team Norms
- informally agreed-on standards that regulate team behavior- Powerful influence on work behavior- Regulate the everyday behaviors of teams
Team Cohesiveness
-the extent to which members are attracted to the team and motivated to remain in it
-retain their members-promote cooperation-have high levels of performance
Promoting Team Cohesiveness
-make sure all team members are present at team  -meetings-engage in non-work activities as a team
Team Size
-moderately sized perform best-6-9 members
Team Conflict
C type - cognitive conflict-focus on problems and issues-improvements in team performance
A type - affective conflict- emotional, personal disagreements-decreases in team performance
Stages of team development
Enhancing work team effectiveness
-Setting team goals and priorities-selecting team members-team compensation-team training
Requirements for Stretch Goals to motivate team performance
-teams have high degree of autonomy-teams are empowered with control resources-teams need for structural accommodation-teams need bureaucratic immunity
Structural Accommodation
giving teams the ability to change organizational structures, policies, and practices it it helps meet goals
Bureaucratic immunity
teams no longer have to go through the frustratingly slow process of multilevel reviews and signoffs to get management approval before making changes
Team Training
-interpersonal skills-decision making and problem solving-conflict-technical training-training for team leaders
Team compensation and recognition
-the level of reward must match the level of performance
-skill based pay-gainsharing-nonfinancial rewards