Chapter 10 Nutrition: Concepts And Controversies

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Chapter 10 Nutrition: Concepts And Controversies


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the ability to bend and recover is 
people who engage in physical activity live longer
the average resting pulse is 
70 beats per min
what produces cardiorespiratory endurance
swimming basketball
sports anemia 
reflects a normal adaptation to endurance training
atlhetes relying on thirst to ditact water can becaome dehydrated easily
plain cool water is the best beverate for replacing fluids because 
rapidly leaves digestive tract and cools body inside out
what is best for atheltes 
fruit juice
to postpone fatigue, endurace athletes should
eat high carb foodstake in glucose during activity in fluids
what is an affect of reg exercise
reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
cardiorespiratory endurace is defined by 
increase heart strengthimproved circulation
people should engage in strength 2 or more days/week
glucogen epletion usually occurs after ____ hours of vigorous activity
during intense actiivty, anaerobic breakdown of glucome produces 
to prevent hypoatremia, atheltes need to pay attention to sodium after events long then 4 hours
the blood fat acid concentration rises about resting and fat cells begin to shrink
30 mins
what does affect fat usage in exercise
area of body being used
what signals the synthesis of muscle proteins
physical activity
all of the following are lost in sweat except
fit people have lower risk of cardiovasc diease because
lower blood pressurelower total blood cholesterol 
athletes who take supplments before performance can increase it
ressitence training slows the gradual loss of physiacl mobility that often impairs quality of life in elderly
to improve flexibility
do yoga
reccommend greater then normal protein for athletes
helps build the red bloods cells to carry O2
sally is long distance, how many grams of protein should sally take in if she weighs 130
a man weighs 175 before a race and 168 after. how much should fluids
14 cups
if consume 2500 cals, how many grams of fat would an endurace athelte need
what should be a pregame meal
pasta, steamed vegies, and frenh bread
why ar epeople who exercise in humidity more likey to have a heat stroke
sweat doesn't evaporte well under those conditions
max bone mass you would do
weight lifting