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Chapter Vocab

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Anaconda Plan
created by Linclon and geeral winsfield scott A civil war strategy plan:  1)Union creates naval bolcade of southern ports 2) take control of the mississippi river  3) then squeeze in on the south form the east and west to defeat it.
Emancipation Proclomation
a Pronouncement given by Linclon on January 1, 1863 to free the slaves in the confederderate states  
Gettysburg address
Inspirational speech given by Linclon on Nov. 19 1863, at a battle in Gettysburg, Pennsylvannia In memory of union soiders who died trying to protect the ideal of freedom, which U.S. was founded on.
Sherman's March to the Sea
led by the union general William Tecumsen Sherman, A devestating total war military campain that involved marching 60,000 union troops through Georgia from Alanta, to savannah destorying EVERYTHING along the way.
Draft Riot
A series of deadly riots that took place in U.S. cities in 1863 to protest the newly established military draft
a nickname that rebublicans used to describe those northerners, mostly democrats, who opposed the war and were sympathetic to the south
bread riot
a riot involving hundreds of women in Richmond, Virginia, who sought food and other goods that were becoming scarce in the south as union forces cut off key parts of the regions economy
54th Massachusetts Regiment
the first entirely African American regiment of the union Army
Naval Blockade
a military manuver in which one side sets up a line of ships to block entry into or departure from the parts of the opposing side
total war
a military policy in which one side in a conflict decidesit is willing to make any sacrifice necesary to completely defeat the opposing side
the act of freeing slaves from bondage
Habeas Corpus
the right of a person being detained to appear in court so that a judge may determine whether the person has been imprisoned lawfully
Military Draft
a system of requiring by law that all peoplw hwo meet certain criteria, such as age and gender; report for military duty
a government order that restricts or probibits trade of a particular good or with a particular nation
Rifled Musket
a type of gun used during the civil war that had improved power and accuracy
a man who has been freed from slavery
Missouri Compromise
measure passed by Congress in 1820 to admit Missouri into the Union as a slave State and maine as a free state while also setting a line at (latitude 36'30') missouris southern border north of which all lousian purchase territory would be free
Compromise of 1850
messures passed by in 1850 to adimit CA into the union as a free state; to divide the res tof the southwest into the new mexico and Utah territories with the people there determining for themselves through popular sovereignty wether or not to accept slavery to ban slavey in Washington D.c. and to establish a new, stronger fugitive slave law
Fugitive Slave Law
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Republican Party
Dred Scott decision
John Brown's raid
Fort Sumter
Popular sovereignty