Chapter 1 God's Revelation And Our Response

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Chapter 1 God

Chapter 1 God 's Revel

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The teaching that God, by nature, is beyond this world
A trait of God which refers to his intimate union with and total presence to his creation
A person who denies the existence of God
one who does not know if there is a God or not
wrote " You have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until i rests in you"
Divine Revelation
the gift of God's self-revelation by which he makes known tthe mystery of his divine plan
Salvation History
The account of God's saving activity and intervention on behalf of humanity
a solemn agreement of love between God and his people
a name for God that means "I Am Who Am"
the official teaching authority of the Church
Deposit of Faith
the body of saving truths and the core beliefs of Catholicism
Sacred Scripture
the inspired Word of God
canon of the Bible
the official list of inspired books in the bible
number of Old Testament books in the Catholic canon
Sacred Tradition
the living transmission of the Catholic faith through the teaching, life, and worship of the Church
a central truth of Revelation that Catholics are obliged to believe
cardinal virtues
prudence, fortitude, temperance, and justice
moral excellence and righteousness
theological virtue that enables us to believe in God
greatest virtue that enables us to love
a set of beliefs, values, and practices that binds believers in a realationship with God and other believers
Body of Christ
a rich image for the Church from St.Paul
Marks of the Church
one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic; traits that point to the essential features of the Church
St. Thomas of Aquinas
presented famous five proofs of God's existence
statement of beliefs