Ch 8-14 Giver Vocab

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piece by piece; a little at a time
piecemeal (adj)
a gradual increase in force or loudness
crescendo (n.) 
showing or indicating kindly feeling; gentle
Benign (adj)
easy and lively; carefree; sprightly
Jaunty (adj)
showing complete accord; concurred in by all
Unanimous (adj)
passing swiftly; moving rapidly; soon gone
Fleeting (adj.)
a crowd; great number; multitude
Throng (n.)
to demand or take, as by authority, for military purposes, public needs; formal request for something
Requisitioned (v.) 
necessary to the completeness of the whole
Integral (adj.)
easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable
Conspicuous (adj.)
a heavy downpour
Torrent (n.)
a thing that carries people or goods; vehicle; carriage
Conveyance (n.)
gentle reproof or warning
Admonition (adj.)
turned to one side; twisted, perverted, especially in irony
Wryly (adv.)
(not) a variety of color, shade or tint
Hueless (adj.)
having many curves, bends, or turns, winding 
Sinuous (adj.)
to take in and made a part of oneself, absorb
Assimilated (v.)
anything daubed on (to apply( greasy or sticky stuff) to a surface 
Daub (n.)
to calm or soothe (angry or excited feelings); make less intense
Assuage (n/v)
of bad omen; unfavorable; threatening
Ominous (adj.)