Ch. 5 And 6 BCIS Terms

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Batch Processing System
A form of data processing where business transactions are accumulated over a period of time and prepared for processing as a single unit or batch.
Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce
A subset of e-commerce where all participants are organizations.
Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce
A form of e-commerce in which customers deal directly with an organization and avoid intermediaries.
Certificate Authority (CA)
A trusted third party organization or company that issues digital certificates.
Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce
A subset of e-commerce that involves consumers selling directly to other consumers.
A single website that offers many products and services at one Internet location.
Data Collection
Capturing and gathering all data necessary to complete the processing of transactions.
Data Correction
Capturing and gathering all data necessary to complete the processing of transactions.
Data Editing
The process of checking data for validity and completeness.
Data Manipulation
The process of performing calculatons and other data transformations related to business transactions.
Data Storage
the process of updating one or more databases with new transactions.
Digital Certificate
An attachment to an e-mail message or data embedded in a web site that verifies the identity of a sender or Web site.
Document Production
The process of generating output records and reports.
the use of information and communications technology to simplify the sharing of information, speed of formerly paper-based processes, and improve the relationship between citizens and government.
Electronic Cash
An amount of money that is computerized, storedm and used as cash for e-commerce business.
Electronic Commerce
Conducting business activities electronically over computer networks.
Electronic Exchange
An electronic forum where manufacturers, suppliers, and competitiors buy and sell goods, trade market information, and run back-office operations.
Electronic Retailing (e-tailing)
The direct sale of products and services by business to consumers through electronic storefronts, typically designed around an electronic catalog abd shopping cart model.
Enterprise System
A system central to the organization that ensures information can be shared across all business functions and all levels of management to support the running and managing of a business.  
Market Segmentation  
The identification of specific markets to target them with advertising messages.  
online transaction processing (OLTP)  
A form of data processing where each transaction is processed immediately, without the delay of accumulating transactions into a batch.  
p-card (procurement card or purchasing card)  
A credit card used to streamline the traditional purchase order and invoice payment processes.  
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)  
A communications protocol used to secure sensitive data during e-commerce.  
smart card  
A credit card–sized device with an embedded microchip to provide electronic memory and processing capability.  
supply chain management (SCM)  
A system that includes planning, executing, and controlling all activities involved in raw material sourcing and procurement, converting raw materials to finished products, and warehousing and delivering finished product to customers.  
transaction processing cycle  
The process of data collection, data editing, data correction, data manipulation, data storage, and document production.