Cellular Respiration

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Cellular Respiration

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Starting with one molecule of glucose, the energy-containing products of glycolysis are...?
2 NADH, 2 pyruvate, && 2 ATP
One function of both alcohol fermentation && lactic acid fermentation is to....?
oxidize NADH to NAD+
Which metabolic pathway is common to both cellular respiration && fermentation?
Substrate-level phosphorylation accounts for aproximately what percentage of the ATP formed by the reaction of glcolysis?
Which one of these is formed by the removal of a carbon as Co2 from a molecule of pyruvate?
acetyl CoA
how many carbon atoms are fed into the citric acid cycle as a result of one molecule of pyruvate?
starting with one molecule of isocrite && ending with fumarte, how many ATP molecules can be made through substrate-level phosphorylation?
Axpromiately how many molecules of ATP are produced from the complete oxidation of two molecules of glucose (C6H12O6) in aerobic cellular respiration?
Chemiosmosis ATP synthesis (oxidative phosphorylation) occurs in...?
all respiring cells, both prokaryotic & eukaryotic, using oxygen or other electron acceptors
what descirbes this reaction? C6H1206+6CO2---> 6CO2+6H20+energy
C6H1206 is oxidized && 02 is reduced
for each molecule of glucose that is metabolized by glycolysis & the citric acid cycle, what is the total number of NADH + FADH2 molecules produced?
where are the proteins of the electron transport chain located?
Mitochondrial inner membrane
Starting with citrate, which of the following combinations of products would result from three acetycl CoA molecules entering the citric acid cycle?
3 ATP, 6 CO2, 9 NADH, && 3 NADH2
During glycolysis, when each molecule of glucose is catabolized to 2 molecules of pyruvate, most of the potential energy contained in glucose is
retained in 2 pyruvates