Theodore Lidz: Study For CA Mft Licensing Exam

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I Am Using These Flashcards To Study For The CA MFT Licensing Exam In 2011. This Series Is About Theodore Lidz.

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Marital Schism
- Chronic failure of the spouses to achieve role reciprocity
- i.e. Husband and wife compete for child's affection
- Theodore Lidz
Marital Skew
- Relationship with 1 weak, dependent spouse and 1 strong and dominant spouse
- Theodore Lidz
Theodore Lidz's preferred style of treating Schizophreia
Argued that family approaches remained more helpful to treatment and fought the classification of schizophrenia as an incurable, lifelong condition
Theodore Lidz

- Psychiatrist who specialized in treating patient's with Schizophrenia
- 1910-2001
Theodore Lidz's focus in research
Studied the relationships between normal development and the development of mental disorders and the family dynamics of schizophrenia
Theodore Lidz's 2 types of marital discord
1) Marital schism
2) Marital skew