Business Statistics: CH 5-7 Vocabulary Words

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Business Stat Istics:

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The closer the probabilty is to 1, the more likely that the events _________.
will happen- Classical
The closer the probability is to 0, the more likely that the event ___________.
will not happen- Empirical
A _______ probabilty is the likelihood that two or more events will happen at the same time.
A listing of all ________  ________ of an experiment and thier corresponding probability of occurence is called a probability distrubtion.
Possible Outcomes
The standard normal distrubtion is a special normal distribution with a mean of ____ and a standard deviation of _____.
1, 0
A discrete random variable can assume ________ values, while a cntinuous random variable can assume _________ values within a specific range.
The ____________ distrubution describes the number of times some event occurs during a specificied interval.
The uniform distribution is a ______ probability distribution.
The normal distribution is divided into two identical halves by the ____________.