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A government run by a few who exercise total control is called a(n)
A republic is closely related to a(n)
A bureaucracy is most closely associated with (what branch)
the executive branch of government
T or F: Roman government during the second half of Roman history was very democratic
The form of government used in France today is. .
a unitary government
King Hammurabi established
a strict set of laws and punishments
The economic idea that government should not interfere with business is called ; another word for it is free-enterprise
A nation's government is sometimes called
the state
weak central government?
confederate government

The political-economic system in which the major industries and services are government-owned, but in which democratic government and small, privately owned businesses are typical is called
Decisions made without outside interference
representative democracy, confederate government, indirect democracy
government workers that keep records, run public services, collect taxes, etc. are called
property owners and bussinessmen
private ownership
extreme socialism
another word for dictatorship
Modern Western democracy began when England's King John signed the
Magna Carta
What is basic to Marxist-Leninist theory?
dictatorship of the proletariat   labor theory of value   opposition to religion   economic view of history
One of the most important concepts to come out of the civilizations of Greece and Rome was that
humans are important and the universe is knowable
The best place to look for a bureaucrat would be in
a parliamentary form of government   a socialist government   a government agency such as the Treasury Department   a communist dictatorship
The chief difference between modern capitalism and laissez-faire capitalism is that
government now regulates business to a considerable degree
Which national leader would be forced to call a new election after losing a vote on a major issue in the legislature?
a prime minister
In order for a nation to exist, which of the following must be true?
The country must be free to exercise sovereignty in handling its relations with other nations.
The maximum amount of personal freedom would be found under a
direct democracy
Which statement is least likely to be true of a totalitarian state?
School administration and curriculum are left in the hands of local school committees.
The type of democracy practiced by the national government of the United States is properly called
representative democracy
The earliest governments were an outgrowth of
tribal life?
democratic governments originated with
Greek city-states
The greatest Roman contributions to Western government were
codified laws and citizenship rights
A political and economic system based on fiefs and vassal loyalty was called
What two systems are closely related together?
feudalism and monarchy
Which of the following developed first?
totalitarian rule
Roman codified law
totalitarian rule
An institution which makes and enforces laws is called a(n)
To be considered a “nation” a society must have
Government, population, sovereignty, and clearly defined boundaries
Every nation and government has developed
executive branch, court system, and a law making body
The idea of writing down the formal limits of government is
Governments can be classified according to
location of power and the way economic and political decisions are made
Which of the following has a very strong central government?
unitary government
Which of the following divides power between a central government and state governments?
federal government
The form of government established by the Articles of Confederation was
The form of government used in the United States today is
federal government
A government controlled by kings or other hereditary rulers is a(n)
A democratic government in which the head of state directs administrative policy but is not a member of the lawmaking body is
presidential system
government in which the entire public votes on proposed laws is a(n)
direct democracy
Example of an oligarchy?
local school board
A democratic government in which the head of state also belongs to the lawmaking body is a
parliamentary system
not a principle of capitalism?
Is a principle?
dedication to revolution;
laissez-faire   private ownership   free enterprise
not a principle of communism?
Is a principle of communism?
bourgeoisie overthrown by the proletariat
a nation and economy run by the proletariat
The political-economic system in which all means of production are privately owned and operated is called
Identify the political-economic system in which all business, land, industry, etc. are owned and controlled by the government, and one-party totalitarian government is typical even though the state is supposed to be run by the working class.

The political-economic system in which the important industries and services are government-owned, but in which democratic government and small, privately owned businesses are typical is called
example of a communist nation today?
best example of a socialist nation today?
A political-economic system which has not been important since World War II 
Which of the following political-economic systems would allow you the greatest amount of freedom?
Which of the following best describes the United States' political-economic system today?
mixed economy
T or F: James Madison believed that formal government was not necessary.
T or F: The United States is a pluralistic nation.
T or F: The earliest, most basic form of government originated with Paleolithic hunters and gatherers.
If you could live in the past as one of the following people, which life would afford you the most freedom and privileges?
Roman citizen
farmer in an early city-state
Athenian women
Roman citizen
most efficient form of government?
example of socialism in the US today?
AMtrak, Medicare, welfare, social security
The Virginia Plan favored?
large states
The agreement that the national legislature of the United States would have two houses, with representation in one based on population and equal representation per state in the other, was called the
Conneticut or Great comprimise
A radical group of young colonists who actively protested against British controls were called
the sons of liberty
T or F: The Articles of Confederation provided the means to resolve conflicts between states. 
Which of the following was not a factor that led to war between Britain and the American colonies?
Salutary neglect
The following description outlines which type or types of colonial government? The king appointed the governor; the governor appointed council members from the upper class; the assembly was elected by popular vote
royal colony
The British action which placed a tax on colonial printed material such as licenses, newspapers, legal documents, and playing cards was called the
Stamp Act of 1765
T or F: The Albany Plan was successful in uniting the colonies against Indian attack.
Which of the following was true of the government established by the Articles of Confederation?
a legislative body was created
The following description outlines which type of colonial government? The colony owner appointed the governor and council members; the assembly was elected by popular vote.
Charter colony
Which of the following identifies a major weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
a. No provision was made for an executive branch.       No sound taxing policy was established.   The government had no way of resolving conflicts between the states.   The government had no control over interstate commerce.
All of these were weaknessess
The least successful of early attempts at cooperation among the colonies was
the Albany plan of Union
Which of the following statements most truly describes the colonial attitude before the 1760s?
Most colonists wanted only the same rights and privileges enjoyed by the British people back home
The part of the colonial system of government that most clearly spoke for the average colonist was the
Which of the following statements would not be true of a mercantile country's colonies during the seventeenth century?
The colony is encouraged to develop its own form of self-government.
When the Constitutional Convention accepted the Connecticut Compromise in the form of the new legislature, it resolved a conflict between
the large and small states
The best description of the government created under the Constitution is that it was a
federal republic
The existence of “salutary neglect”
gave the colonists time to develop their own way of life and government
The colonists resisted the Sugar Act, the Townshend Acts, and the Stamp Act because
paying/collecting taxes were a constant nusiance, taxes placed a financial burden on the colonists, taxes cut into colonial freedoms, the colonists were not represented in the Parliament that created taxes
The states agreed to ratify the Constitution only after the Federalists agreed to return some of the federal government's powers to the states. This statement is
false; the states agreed to ratify after the issue of protecting individual rights was solved by the promise of a Bill of Rights
A colony owned by a single person other than the king was called
propriety colony
In which type(s) of colony(ies) were the governor, council, and assembly usually elected by "popular vote"?
charter colony
A British "crown colony" under the direct control of the monarch was called;     

The following description outlines which type(s) of colonial government? The king appointed the governor; the governor appointed council members from the upper class; the assembly was elected by popular vote.
royal colony
The type(s) of colony(ies) with the highest degree of self-government was (were)
charter colony
The government of all American colonies was composed of
a governor, council, and assembly
A writ of assistance was a
general search warrant that infringed on colonists' rights
The Quartering Act was
a law forcing the colonists to house British troops
Which of the following was an effort prior to the revolutionary war to create unity and cooperation between the American colonies?
The Stamp Act Congress, First Continental Congress, and the Albany Plan
The First Continental Congress was called in response to
the Intolerable Acts
What organization served as the colonial government for most of the Revolutionary War?
2nd Continental Congress
T or F: The Albany Plan was successful in uniting the colonies against Indian attack.
Organized groups who circulated papers and letters through the colonies to keep leaders and others informed of the latest developments were called
Commitees of Correspondence
The plan of government in America prior to the Constitution and after the Second Continental Congress was the
Articles of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation provided a...
Why were these Articles ineffective?
What did they fail to provide?
weak central government; no regulation of interstate trade, no executive branch was created, no national court system was created;  the power to tax
The original purpose of the Constitutional Convention was to
Revise the Articles of Confederation
Which of the following issues studied by the Constitutional Convention required compromise?
slavery, interstate commerce, and the presidential election
For the Constitution to be ratified how many states needed to give their approval?
Which type of colony was best suited to and least affected by the policy of salutary neglect?
charter colony
Which of the following was probably the greatest obstacle to colonial unity and cooperation prior to the Revolution?
economic competition between states
T or F:  Before the Constitution the states acted as though they were independent nations.
The executive branch may check the power of the judicial branch by
appointing judges
T or F:    The Bill of Rights is sometimes referred to as the “unwritten constitution.”
The legislative branch may check the power of the judicial branch by
impeaching judges
The Constitution may be amended by either
a two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress and ratification by three-fourths of the state legislatures, 

a two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress and ratification by three-fourths of the states at special conventions,

the request of two-thirds of the state legislatures for a national constitutional convention and then a three-fourths vote of state legislatures on any amendments proposed by the convention
The sentence which opens the Constitution and lists the purposes of government is called  
the Preamble
Which of the following can a state refuse to a family that recently moved there from another state?  
the right to vote in local elections until the adults have established residency  
The largest single share of the federal budget goes toward  
social welfare
A useful definition of personal freedom in a democracy would be the  
right to make one's own decisions as long as those choices don't interfere with anyone else's rights  
The average taxpayer works how many days out of five in the normal workweek to pay for the services of local, state, and federal governments?  
almost two days
T or F: Law enforcement officers cannot interfere with activities carried on in the privacy of one's home.  
Once the Supreme Court has declared a law unconstitutional, the legislative and executive branches  
must accept the decision as final
The president checks the actions of the legislative branch through formal and informal means, including  
the veto, influence over congressional election campaigns, refusal to spend money appropriated by Congress, public opinion
what are the basic purposes of government outlined in the Preamble (6 of them)
insure domestic tranquility promote the general welfare provide for the common defense create a more perfect union establish justice secure the blessings of liberty
The doctrine of “clear and present danger” allows government to  
suspend or restrict the civil rights of citizens  
American citizenship may be lost by  
commiting treason
A naturalized citizen may not  
become president of the united states
T or F: Private property may be purchased by the government over the objections of property owners if it is needed for the public good  
The right of eminent domain means that  
the government may take private property in the interest of greater public good, but must justly compensate the owner  
Which amendment forbids slavery or servitude in the United States?  
the 13
The Ninth Amendment states that  
citizens have other rights besides those specifically mentioned in the Constitution  
A document that prevents a person from being held in jail indefinitely without being charged is a(n)  
writ of habeas corpus
A law allowing an individual to be found guilty of a crime without due process (disallowed by the Constitution) is called a(n)  
bill of attainder
A judge is most likely to issue a search warrant  
when the police have good reason to believe that a crime has been committed  
Statements printed in a newspaper that maliciously injure someone's good name may be cause for a lawsuit under the laws against  
RIghts under the 1st  Ammendment (5)
freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and petition, picketing
2nd Ammendment
right to bear arms
3rd Ammendment
freedom from auartering troops
4th Ammendment 
from unreasonable search and seizure
5th Ammendment
to own property, from prosecution without indictment, from double jeopardy, guarantee of presumed innocence, from self-incrimination, and guarantee of due process
6th Ammendment
reight to be informed of charges, confront witnesses, secure witnesses, to counsel, jury trial
6th Ammendment
reight to be informed of charges, confront witnesses, secure witnesses, to counsel, jury trial
7th Ammendment
guarantee of jury trial
8th Ammendment
reasonable bail, from cruel and unusal punishment
9th and 10th Ammendments
limits on the power of the federal government; 9: even though the Constitution does not spell out a particular right, that right still exists and must be protected
10: all powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people
T or F: Citizens may petition the government to correct a wrong.  
Which of the following is the term for a citizen’s right to just legal action and court procedures before punishment can be levied?  
due process
What is the term for a law that makes an action illegal even though it was committed before the law was passed?  
ex post facto
The Nineteenth Amendment extends the right to vote to  
Which amendment guarantees equal protection under the law and prevents states from restricting civil rights?  
14th ammendment
Which amendment extends the right to vote to eighteen-year-olds?  
What did the Twenty-fourth Amendment abolish?  
poll taxes
The Fifteenth Amendment granted voting privileges to which of the following groups?  
black male citizens
The political system most often used today to decide party candidates and policy is the  
precinct system  
T or F: Small political parties can easily gain national representation.  
An individual who favors government involvement in solving social and economic problems is called a  
An individual whose political views are radical left is a  
American political parties are most active at the level.  
The period of time between the election of a new president and the swearing-in ceremonies during which the outgoing president is still in charge is called the  
lame duck period
Today's democratic party favors  
a strong federal government
A union of cooperating parties common to the political systems of other nations is called a  
The modern Republican party inherited the political tradition of the  
Federalists and the Whigs
A “lame-duck” politician is one who  
is waiting to leave office after a successor has been elected  
A right-wing politician would most likely believe in  
less government control over private businesses
The most important task of the national convention is to  
select the party's candidate for president  
Of the following party activities, the most democratic is the  
primary election
The right to vote is called  
In the United States today, states may restrict voting privileges by  
setting residency requirements
An off-year election is an election year  
when no presidential race is scheduled  
Which of the following groups is most likely to vote for the Democratic Party?  
blue collar workers
Which of the following elections is most likely to be restricted to voters who have registered as members of a political party?  
a primary election
T or F: The taxpayer checkoff helps equalize spending in presidential campaigns.  
T or F: By law, voters must be notified of their polling locations.  
Many independent voters register as members of a party because  
as independents they would not be able to vote in the closed primary elections
Low-income, urban, minority voters would most likely support  
Democratic candidates
Voting laws and regulations, other than those specified by the Constitution, are determined by  
state governments
The legal voting age in the United States is  
T or F: Citizens who have very recently moved from one state to another can still vote in the local elections of their new state.  
General elections in the United States are held  
in November of each even-numbered year  
The elected or appointed official who prepares election ballots, supervises elections, and watches over the ballot counting is the  
registrar of voters  
People that have similar characteristics and circumstances tend to have the same voting preferences and patterns. This is called  
bloc voting
Which of the following is most likely to vote Republican during a general election?  
business owners
Committees formed by special-interest groups to contribute funds to candidates the group favors are called  
What federal agency has the responsibility to police campaign financing?