Biology 104 Test #1 Chapters 20-22

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Biology 104 Test Study Questions Set 1 Chapters 20 - 22

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Prokaryotes reproduce _____.
by binary fission.
Which of the following is a mismatch?
Thermophiles live in extremely cold temperatures. They actually live in extremely high temperatures.
The archaea which are found living in extremely hot acidic environments such as hot springs, geysers, thermal vents and around volcanoes are known as _____.
Which of these is the best description of a virus?
hemical complexes of RNA or DNA protected by protein shel
Which of the following characterize prions?
All of the choices characterize prions. Prions are proteinaceous infectious particles that cause TSEs, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. They are misshapen proteins that may interact with a normal prion protein to change its shape
Endospores _____.
can survive for hundreds of years.
The _____ have a number of mechanisms to survive in environments that are high in salt.
The primary source of genetic variability in prokaryotes is _____.
Which of these diseases could NOT be treated with antibiotics?
nfluenza is not treated with antibiotics because it is caused by a virus

Study the life cycle diagram. Label B is the ________ life cycle.
Which of the following is not characteristic of a prokaryote?

Study the life cycle diagram. Label A is the ________ life cycle.
The innermost portion of a virus' structure is made up of
either DNA or RNA
A facultative anaerobe is
an organism that can metabolize effectively in the presence or absence of oxygen. (true)
What is the correct sequence of events in the lytic cycle of a bacteriophage infection?
Attachment, Viral DNA penetration, Biosynthesis, Maturation and Release
Some, but not all, virus capsids are surrounded by _________.
a membranous envelope
Archaea and eukarya _____.
All of these
Viruses always have at least _____.
an inner core of nucleic acid
Which can have a cellular form as well as an acellular (plasmodial) form with multiple nuclei?
slime molds
Green algae are believed to be closely related to the first plants because both groups _____.
possess chlorophylls a and b
he amoeboids, cellular slime molds and plasmodial slime molds are most closely related to the ________.
The main function of the contractile vacuole is
eliminating excess water.
Water molds have a cell wall that contains _____.
DNA sequencing suggests that among the green algae, the __________ are most closely related to land plants.
Fungi associate with _____ to form lichens.
green algae
Diatoms share a more recent common ancestor with dinoflagellates than with water molds. (true or false)
Which is NOT part of the correct description of a protozoan?
Protozoans may be heterotrophic, motile, and eukaryotic. They are not multicellular
Which of the characteristic(s) apply to the Supergroup Archaeplastida?
All of the characteristics apply. Archaeplastida contain plastids, are unicellular and multicellular, and include land plants and green algae
Protists which combine autotrophic and heterotrophic nutritional modes are termed:
Slime molds, found in the Supergroup Amoebozoa, were once classified as fungi. What characteristics of the slime molds distinguish them from fungi?
Slime molds lack cell walls, are flagellated cells at certain stages of the life cycle and the vegetative state of the slime mold is mobile and amoeboid. All of these characteristics distinguish slime molds from fungi.
rown algae store their reserve food as _____.
Protist reproduction
rotist reproduction may be asexual or any of these sexual cycles
Supergroup Opisthokinta includes all of the following organisms EXCEPT: animals, fungi, plants,and choanoflagellates
Supergroup Opisthokinta includes all of the following organisms except plants. It includes animals, fungi, and choanoflagellates
 red tide in the ocean is caused by an increase in the number of _____.
Protists are _____.
of two types; some are unicellular, others are multicellular
Plankton are
freshwater or marine organisms that are suspended on or near the surface of water.
Which of the following depend on pseudopods for locomotion?

What type of life cycle is this (shown at right)?
The various forms of algae are NOT considered plants because they
lack plant structures such as true roots, stems, and leaves and do not produce embryos.
A reproductive structure that produces spores by meiosis is called a _____.
_________ is a mixotrophic protozoan that is able to combine autotrophic and heterotrophic nutritional modes.
Euglena is a mixotrophic protozoan that is able to combine autotrophic and heterotrophic nutritional modes
Dikaryotic cells of fungi
Dikaryotic cells of fungi contain paired haploid nuclei that fail to fuse for an extended period of time. They are not just another form of haploid cells
In differentiating fungi from plants and animals, which of the following statements is NOT true?
t is true that animals are heterotrophic by ingestion while fungi are heterotrophic by absorption. It is not true that the energy reserve of fungi is starch while the energy reserve of animals is glycogen. The energy reserve of fungi is glycogen.

The organism pictured at below is a
shelf fungus.
A(n) _____ fungus is the source of the antibiotic penicillin.
During zygospore asexual reproduction, all structures involved are _____.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi invade plant roots, with some species forming mutualistic associations that benefit both the fungus and the plant. (true or false)
It is true that arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi invade plant roots, with some species forming mutualistic associations that benefit both the fungus and the plant.
ome fungi and bacteria act as _____ and keep chemicals cycling through the ecosystems.
The fruiting body of the sac fungi is called the _____.
Which of the following structures are NOT involved in sexual reproduction?
Conidia are not involved in sexual reproduction
ungal cells have a cell wall containing _____.
Many human diseases caused by sac fungi are acquired from the environment. (True or false)
Club and Sac fungi are more closely related than Club fungi and Zygospore fungi. (T or F)
Club and Sac fungi are more closely related than Club fungi and Zygospore fung
Types of lichens include _____.
All of these
Photosynthesis is done by the _____ component of lichen.
An asexual spore produced by a sac fungus or club fungus is called a(n)
When asci swell they release _____, which can be windblown to other locations.
he difference between septate hyphae and nonseptate hyphae is
determined by whether the hyphae have cross walls or lack cross walls.

The organism pictured at below is a
cup fungus.
AM fungi are more closely related to Sac than Club fungi. (T or F)
Fungi are thought to have been the first kind of eukaryotic cells that evolved. ( T or F)
The _____ produced by yeast during fermentation causes bread to rise.
Which of the fungal groups is mismatched with the asexual spore produced?
None are mismatched. They are all correctly matched. Ascomycota and Basidiomycota produce conidiospores, Zygomycophyta produces sporangiospores, and Chytrids produce zoospores
Club fungi produce fruiting bodies called _____.
Historians believe that the people who accused their neighbors of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1600's may have been suffering from ____________ poisoning.
The part of a mushroom that we eat is usually the reproductive structure that supports the fruiting body. (T or F)
The term "dikaryotic" is based on the Greek root words meaning
two nuclei
Fungal infections are difficult to treat because
fungal and human cells are so similar that it is difficult to make fungal medications that do not harm human cells.
All fungi share a common ancestor. ( T or F)
One of the long, branching filaments that collectively make up the mycelium of a fungus is called a(n)
There are no fungi that _____.
Do photosynthesis
A sexual spore produced by a sac fungus is called a(n)
Which of the following statements about mycorrhizae is/are true?
 Fungi may enter the cortex of plant roots but do not enter the cytoplasm of plant cells. The presence of the fungi give plants a greater absorptive surface for the intake of minerals
A mutualistic relationship between soil fungi and plants' roots is called a _____.
Species of ________ are known to consume jet fuel and wall paint.
sac fungi
Fungal cells have _____.
DNA and a nucleus
When the cap of an average gilled mushroom is cut off and placed on paper, a spoke-like print eventually appears on the paper under the cap. This powdery material would be
All of the choices are correct. Yeasts are members of the ascomycota, reproduce asexually by budding, and are responsible for beer, wine, and bread production
The presence of ____________ indicates that the air is healthy for humans to breathe.