Biological Psychology Test #1

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Bio Psyc Chapters 1 & 2

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What is dualism?
mind and body are different kinds of substances, that exist independently but somehow interact-Rene Descartes proposed that mind and brain interact in the pineal gland-nearly all current philosophers reject dualism
What is monism?
there is only one kind of existence-materialism: everything is material or physical-mentalism: only the mind exists-identity: mental processes are the same thing as certain kinds of brain processes
What was Mendel's view on inheritance?
That inheritance occurs through genes
What is the difference between genotypes and phenotypes?
Genotypes are an expression of a gene pair (Bb, BB, bb) while Phenotypes are the physical expressions of the genotype (brown hair, blue eyes)
What is the difference between DNA being expressed in a double strand helix or a single strand?
Double strand= DNASingle strand= RNA