Beowulf & Canterbury Tales

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Beowulf & Canterbury Tales

Beowulf & Canterbury Tales Unit W/Anglo-Saxon Language & History

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What are Kennings?
compound nouns, possessive or genitive
Literary Characteristics of Anglo-Saxon Epic poetry?
Alliteration, Caesura, Kennings, formal rigid pattern of word stresses
What is a stock epithet?
Adjective/phrase expressing some quality or attribute that is characteristic of a person/thing
Father of English history?
a council of elders
Anglo-Saxon word for fate
What type of poem is Beowulf?
Epic poem
Characteristics of Epic poems
long, lots of events, main heroic character, catastrophic events, serious themes
King of Danes?
Who is Grendel descended from?
What are some of the special characters in Anglo-Saxon language?
Thorn, Eth & Ash
What is a grapheme?
a character in the alphabet
a sound in language, simplest element of language
a pair of letters representing a single sound
What is a wergild?
Grendel does not touch Hrothgar's throne b/c it is
protected by God
How many set out to Herot?
Who is Beowulf's father?
How does Beowulf fight Grendel?
With bare hands
Who is Hrothgar's queen?
What is Beowulf's proof of defeating Grendel?
he had his arm
What two folklore are told?
Siegmund & Nermod
What is the final revenge inflicted on Grendel?
they cut off his head
What is stolen from the dragon?
A jeweled cup
How does the dragon take revenge on the town?
it attacks and burns homes
Who is the only geat that remained with Beowulf?
What month does Canterbury Tales begin in?
How many people go on the pilgrimage?
Where do they begin their pilgrimage?
@ The Tabard
How many tales will each pilgrim tell?
What is the prize for best story?
supper, paid by all
Who is the 1st to tell a tale?
The Knight
Who tells the story about the rooster and hen?
The Nun's Priest
What is the rooster's name?
How many hens are there?
Who is the hen that holds Chanticleer's heart?
Lady Pertelote
What style is the Nun's Priest's story told in?
Mock-Heroic style
What is an exemplum?
a longer anecdote with a sermon
What are some of the allusions Chanticleer makes?
Joseph, Lord Pharaoh, The Book of David
What are the four humors?
Yellow bile, black bile, phlegm, blood
too much blood
too much yellow bile
too much phlegm
too much black bile
characteristics of sanguine
courageous, arrogant, loves to entertain, amorous
characteristics of choleric
doer, leader, easily tempered, passionate
characteristics of phlegmatic
calm, lazy, rational, observant
characteristics of melancholic
sleepless, irritable, perfectionist, creative