Asian Art History

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Asian Art History

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High Priest
Mohenjo-daro (Pakistan)
Indus Valley Civilization
Importance: Possibly related to early Sumerian figures. Formal, dignified sculptural achievement, priest, diety, etc. Formal and hieratic- one of two important styles in Indus Valley

Nude male Torso
Red Sandstone
Harppa (Modern day Pakistan)
Indus Valley civilization
Importance- Organic sculpture- natural, soft, flowing not formal- intelligent study of the human body

Square stamp seal
Design Shiva?
White steatite
Mohenjo-Daro (Pakistan)
Importance- distinctive of Indus Valley, animals (bulls with big humps), geometric---> stylized, degree of skill-show little sign of making process

Painted pottery- Red earthenware, with black slip decoration
Banpo, China
Neolithic period
Yangshao Culture
c. 4000 BCE
Importance- Banpo village created many pots, black red design is characteristic, geometrically rendered, mask on bowl/

Cong prism
Neolithic Period
Liangzhu Culture
C. 2000 BCE
Importance-Embellished, difficult stone to carve, highlights Neolithic accomplishments

Fang ding
Ceremonial Food Vessel
Shang dynasty
Importance- highlights piece-mold technique, square-suggests similar to wood vessels, interesting decorations