AS Sociology Family & Households

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AS Sociology Family & Households

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Explain what is meant by 'expressive role' ?   (2 Marks)
The caring, nurturing homemaker in the family. Usually done by women. some claim this is because women are biologically suited to this. Other see it as exploiting women.     
Suggest two resons why in which 'family life may have a harmful effect on women?   (4 Marks)
women are usally the person within the family that everyone rel
Suggest three reasons for the decrease of death rates since 1900?   (6 Marks)
The decrease of the death rate has largelly been due to medical break throughs and the improvement of standard of living and sanitation.
Explian what is meant by primary socialisation?   (2 Marks)
The process by which children learn the cultural norms of the society into which they are born. Primary socialization occurs largely in the family.
Suggest two ways in which childhood has become a specially protected and privileged time of life ?   (4 Marks)
Childhood has become more protected becuase sociologist Paul Willis beleaves that it is disapearing.