Arteries Of The Lower Body

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Arteries Of The Lower Body

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Name the section of the descending aorta inferior to the diaphragm.
abdominal aorta
Blood from the celiac artery flows into three different blood vessels. What are these vessels?
splenic artery, gastric artery, common hepatic artery
Blood from the superior mesenteric artery feeds which major abdominal organs?
small intestine, large intestine, ascending colon, cecum, and proximal portions of the large intestine
What vessels take blood to the kidneys?
right and left renal arteries
The ovaries or testes receive blood which arteries?
gonadal arteries
Blood in the inferior mesenteric artery travels to which organs?
lower portion of the large intestine, ascending colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum
Where does blood in the external iliac artery come from?
common iliac artery
What artery takes blood directly to the femoral artery?
external iliac artery
Blood from the popliteal artery comes directly from what artery?
femoral artery
What is arterioschlerosos?
hardening of the arteries
In what part of the arterial wall does cholesterol plaque develop?
under endothelial layer