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How was the music duplicated and distributed before the development of recordings?
Printed on sheet music
Which groups were stereotyped as producers of vaudeville?
·         Both Jewish and Catholic’s
What kinds of entertainment were frequented mostly by working class in the early 20th century?
·         Vaudeville and burlesque
Duchamp’s nude descending a staircase was objectionable to traditional minds because..?
·         It broke with classical forms of figure in visual art
Which ways do technologies effect art forms
·         Technologies change music
What were the first hand held devices for hearing mass produced music recordings?
·         The wireless
What did Marinetti mean by the wireless imagination?
·         Words free of structure of grammar and syntax
What do communities have to do with art forms
 They are sources of cultural production
What was the name of the art exhibition that broke traditions in the visual arts
The international exhibition of art in America
What choice talks about the way we consider elements of an art form
How they move and relationship among elements
If we say that a painting of flowers is actually an image and not flowers what term are we talking about?
  A simulacra
What did Marinetti call a page format of randomly formatted and placed text?
For what characters is Frank Baum famous?
Dorothy and the wizard
What choice characterizes physical space?
Measured time and space
What do communities have to do with art forms?
     They are sources of cultural protection
What does juxtaposition mean in visual art forms?
   Put two unlike objects together
Which of the following is a major reason for possible multiple interpretations of an artwork by different viewers
 A viewers past experiences, where the art work is location and an understanding and some knowledge about the artist
Which simple device became the basis of creating sound for the most electrical musical instruments?
Electric current with electro magnets
According to the text, which of the following is a major connecting characteristic between art and music?
Which of the following correct terminology for the use of a vanishing point placed at eye level in an artwork in which there is an illusion of depth?
Which of the following is considered to be constructed through the experience of viewing an artwork?
Which of the following artists is an example of challenging viewers at an emotion level through narratives in the homoerotic pieces?
 Robert Mapplethorpe
What dimension is created through drawing something from multiple locations, compressing time and space?
 4th dimension
How does the text explain that we’re are able to make sense of the space in an any art forms?
 Through its movement
According to JJ Gibson what determines our 3 dimensional perceptions of space?
The shape of the eye ball
As explained in the text, which pair of institutions influenced each other?
   Department stories and museums
Which phrase best describes the move to playing concerts in large theatres and stadiums from small clubs and local communities?
 Technology and larger audiences
One way to create good, rich descriptions of artwork is to discuss..?
  The relationships between the elements of the work
What producer created the Monkees and the Archies?
Don Kirsner
Which artist was named a color field painted by the critics?
   Helen Frankenthaler
If San Francisco’s north beach and Venice California were important beat neighborhoods, what was the other one?
 Greenwich Village.
What kinds of publications did people read to learn about the “new modes of self”?
Advice manuals
Who was Bob Smith?
Became known as Wolfman jack
The television program bandstand originated in what city?
Which artist was commissioned to make paintings for a chapel in Texas?
 Marc Rothko
Who was the individual known as the first rockabilly musician?
Chuck berry
Who coined the term “beatnik?”
Herb Caen
What color did Yves Klein patent?
What group in popular culture was associated with The Who?
The mods
What agency of mass media popularized American rock and roll across Europe?
Radio Luxembourg
What group originated the bad-boy image in British popular culture?
The rockers
What record percentage of The U.S. Television audience watched Elvis Presley’s first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show?
Which artists were interested in popular or material culture, not elitist culture
  Pop artists
Who rejected established institutions and explored mind expansion through eastern religion and psychedelic drugs?
·         Hippies
Which of the following is true about rock opera?
  Rock opera was similar to the nineteenth century light opera but with electric instruments and rock styles
Which of the following best describes Claes Oldenburg?
Public art installations with enlarged sculptures of everyday objects
Which technique did Lichtenstein use to make images from subject matter on gum wrappers and comics?
 Benday dots
Which of the following is true about Bob Dylan and his music?
His cowboy voice and Midwestern twang was influence by earlier folk singers.  His image as a rebel without a cause became symbolic of the 1960’s folk culture and he began performing with electric instruments
Which of the following artists were not interested in the image of the mass commercial media?
James Rosenquist, Larry rivers or Roy Lictenstein, or NONE OF THE ABOVE(ANSWER)
All of the following bands emerged within the psychedelic music scene expect:
 The mamas and papas
In response to which movement did Christian rock emerge?
The charismatic movement
Which of the following places was regarded as a center of the folk movement?    
Gerdes folk city
Which of the following is not true about Pete Seeger?
He was mostly influenced by bob Dylan.
Which of the following best describes Andy Warhol
 Produced silkscreen prints, seeking not only to make art of mass-produced items but to mass produce the art itself
 How was Motown different from the blues?

All of the above-motown music was softened and “civilized,” groups were usually choreographed, and groups wore elegant clothin.
 How was Motown different from the blues?

All of the above-motown music was softened and “civilized,” groups were usually choreographed, and groups wore elegant clothin.
Television programming themes of late 1960’s presented social issues that were not addressed in broadcasting before?

Civil rights, rape, sexuality
Who was Louise Lasser

The actor who played Mary Hartman
Who was the queen of soul?

Aretha Franklin
Which of the phrases describes a “girl group”

Black female vocal artists groomed by barry gordy
What record label did barry gordy jr. establish?

Motown record label
Edward Kienholz was in whch group from the list?

The California funk (offensive) artists
which is true about the work of George segal

Fine detail of the figure became less important over time
What innovation or innovations in television sets were introduced in the 1960’s    
Color television and high fidelity sound
what role does the viewer take in relation to kienholz work?

A voyeur
How did Black Sabbath create its unique harmonies that fit their dark music?

Turned guitars to C# instead of E
Which group played for rallies after the Columbus protest of 1968 ceased?

the grateful dead
Disco was symbolic of what social changes?

Changes in the openness of sexuality and the music market that focused on consumers 
What reason did Linda Nochlin give for women being absent from most of art history before the 1960’s?

They had no access to education
According to the textbook, from what groups were early members of the national committee for a sane nuclear police (sane)

What agency did Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro establish?

A feminist art program at an art school
Which performer characterized their music as James Brown and the Temptations on acid

George Clinton
What instrument did the doors use to replace the Hammond B3

The vox organ
Which government building did Jean Claude and Christo wrap?

The Reichstag
How did the camera effect photorealist painting?

Painters could emphasize the mechanical effects of the camera
What was the name of the music cooperative in the Berkley?

924 Gilman
Which artist was the most know U.S. Neo-expressionist?

 In the Washington DC straight edge scene, what was the reason for their straight edge moral code?

Where did the Riot Grrrls have their second convention?

Washington DC
The sex pistols were from what country?

Great Britain
What nation below was NOT known for neo-expressionism?

What phrase is true of the California hard core punk scene?

San Francisco was more tolerant place than LA
CBGBs and the punk scene’s resistance to the commercialized art forms were reminiscent of what philosopher?

From where did Neo-expressionist draw their subject matter

From histories and art culture 
Which neo-expressionist artist was a graffiti arts and then took these techniques to his paintings and drawings?

Which individuals or indivudal was or were a soul rapper(s)?

Barry whte and Isaac hayes
what was the title of the sugar hill gang’s first album?

Rappers delight
After exposure on mtv what programs featured hip hop music

Saturday night live and wrestle mania
what is the term for the technique moving a turntable back and forth

Which group turned from punk music to rap

Beastie boys
which hip hop artist set up

Chuck d
which individual gave up his life in a gang to organize block parties in the south Bronx to help improve neighborhood life?

Afrika bambaada
who is known as the first MC in hip hop

Melle mel
what is tagging

A personal autograph readable only to other taggers
Which is a kind of tattoo NOT mentioned in the textbook

A genealogy