Art Test Definition

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Art Test Definition

These Are The Study Questions For My Art Test.  test Is On April 6

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Paint in its most basic form is composed of_________ and a targeted binder.
This component of paint has traditionally been extracted from minerals, soils, vegetable matter, and animal by-products.
The binding agent in encaustic painting is_________.
Encaustic is usually painted on this kind of support:
The binding agent for tempera paint is________.
Tempera lends itself to high __________ because it is usually applied with a fine brush in short, thin strokers
Islamic an renaissance artists oftened used tempera in conjunction with oil and this material, which adds a rich appearance to the work.
Gold leaf
This painting process relies on freshly applied lime platter to hold the pigment in place.
The earliest examples of fresco, found at the palace of knossos on the mediterranean island of _______, date to c. 1600-1500bce.
There are two types of fresco. Fresco secco, which means dry fresco, and this kind, which means good fresco.
Diego Rivera's mural for Rockefeller Center in NY was removed because ________.
It included a portrait of Vladimir Lenin, 
Taking 4 years to complete, the sistine chapel ceiling was painted by this artist in sections using the boon fresco method.
This Flemish painter was credited during the renaissance with the invention of oil paint.
Jan Van Eyck
The process called glazing in which thin layers of oil paint are applied, appear lit from within, or are said to have a high degree of ________.
Camera Obscures is latin for _______.
Dark Room
When were the first successful photographs made using a camera?
early 1800's
Daguerro types are made on ______.
polished metal plates
Which of the following photographers is best known for making portraits of famous people?
Where Dorothea Lange made the photograph called Migrani mother, she wanted to show:
the conditions of migrant workers during the depression
Landscape photographs, such as those taken by Ansel Adams, help raise awareness about:
nature's grandeur and the wilderness of americas west.
A Still Life composition shows:
items arranged, often on table
Italian Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi used that medium for her Allegory of pointing a self-partrait of the artist with a paintbrush in his hand
oil paint
One of the advantages of acrylic paint is that it can be cleaned up using this liquid:
Acrylic paint allowed artist Helen Frankenhaler to make paintings with her soak-stain process without the ________ effort that oil based paint had had.
This painting medium is transparent, applied to a paper surface, and has gum arabic binder.
An artist paints the US flag using the medium of watercolor, but he forgets to do the white stars. To add them to the painting , the artist just needs to use the white watercolor pigment.
This painting technique was used by the prehistorics cave painters of Lascaux, France, and is still used by contemporary graffiti artist.
spray paint
Graffiti artist like Keith Haring used art to make _______.
Political statements.
In order for photojournalistic news photos to be effective they need to be seen as _________.
Philosopher Lewis Wickes Hine went undercover in the factories and mines to expose the injustices of child labor.
___________ is considered to be the father of photojournalism 
Matthew Brady
What did Matthew Brady invent that allowed him to make timely photographs of the civil war dead?
A moveable dark room in a carriage
In his photograph Two ways of life, Oscar Gustav Rejlander employed methods that emulated the processof _______.
Loretta lux digitally manipulates such elements as __________.
all of the answers
Alfred stieglitz was the first to show photography __________.
In a commercial gallery
Mary Mattingly's photographs of a dystopic futuristic tribe of nomads are examples of ________.
The visual effect created by a camera obscura can occur in any room , whether it is light or dark.
Which of these is not an additive process of sculpting?
Michelangelo believed _________ to be the finest and most challenging of all the visual arts.
The carving technique Michelangelo used for his sculpture Awakening slave makes the figure appear to be permanently trapped within the stone
Michelangelo planned a grand sculpture for the tomb of pope julius II, although it was never completed. This sculpture was intended for that tomb.
Why does Michelangelo's sculpture of moses appear to have horns?
What is one of the main reasons that the creation of the Olmec colossal heads is so impressive?
They were created without metal tools
When an artist is using the subtractive method of carving in stone, it makes no difference whether or no the intended final shape extends beyond dimensions of the original stone.
artist who model forms using soft pliable materials, such as clay or wax, sometimes employ thin kind of support when creating there work.
an armature
This sculpting process involves adding a liquid or pliable material to a mold.
Ancient greek sculptors sometimes created cast sculptures from ____________ , an alloy of copper and tin 
benzen? something that looks like this on test 
The name of this bronze-casting process relies on a molded original form made from a pliable material. This method is known as ________.
lost-wax casting
Marble sculpture from ancient greece was often remade by roman artist because ________.
The greek originals didn't fit roman ideals of beauty 
Sculptures created using this method often require the movement of large amounts of soil from one location to another.
This earthwork constructed by the prehistoric inhabitants of north america, is located in ohio.
Great serpent mound
This american artist created a large earthwork titles spiral jetty in the great salt lake in utah in 1969-70.
Robert Smithson
he natural world is simply the "" on which an artist .... their earthwork.  
What method of sculpture is the artist using when they assemble component parts in order to create an artwork?
ends in tion
This spanish artist combined a bike seat and handlebars into a form that was reminicent of a bulls head.
Pablo Picasso
A sculpture intended by the artist to move is called ________ sculpture.
a kinetic
American minimalist artist Dan flasvin used ______ to create sculptures.
Borescent lighting tubes
Anthony Gormley's work asian field 180,000 terracotta figurines in a large warehouse , is an example of:
None of these answers are correct 
When an artist is using the subtractive method of carving in stone it makes no difference whether or not the intended final shape extends beyond the dimensions of the original stone.
Stonehenge is an example of this type of early construction method.
post and lintel
Eary cultures created a type of arch by stacking stones so that they provide slightly beyond the one unknown.  This is known as ________.
Roman aqueducts utilize this type of structure:
What changes did abbot suger make to St. denis that ushered in the ___________
flying butters
Who is considered the father of modern american architecture:  
Louis sullivan
What did Le cerbusier believe houses should be?
Machines for living 
this is an example of international style architecture
Glass pavilion 
In this house for the kaufman family, falling water, frank lloyd wright designed the house to take advantage of ________.
the natural site
Frank lloyd wright also designed another building we've seen.  Which of these was it ?
The guggenheim museum
The great hall at karnak in egypt is an example of a ________.
Corbelled structure
The seagram building employs a _______ style of construction.
Curtain wall
The terraces at falling water are examples of this kind of construction that was one of Frank lloyd wright's signature elements.
Cantilevered reinforced concrete.
All sculptures have this characteristic in common:
they exist in 3d space
Which of these materials can be used to create a sculpture?
all of the answers are correct
Matthews Barney's cremaster cycle video art piece begins where?
Bill Viola's oceans without a shore is about _________.
Dorothea lange 
worked for the FSA making documentary pictures of the great depression.
Ansel Adams
Known for very detailed landscape photographs of the american west
Sally Mann
Photographed her family members in both fictional and no fictional settings
Lewis wickes hine
Used photographs to expose the unsafe and inhumane working conditions in factories to the establishment of child labor laws in the US.
Sandy Skoglund
makes brightly colored tableaux using elaborate scenery sculptures.
Contemporary photographer Sandy Skoghunds radioactive cats is considered __________.
a narrative tableau
Sally Manns 1989 photograph the new york mothers was made ___________.
In black and white
which of these is not a subtractive method of sculpting?
It is possible to create a sculpture using both high and bas relief.
When a sculpture is designed to be viewed from one side, and portrudes dynamically from its background plane or is carved with deeply incised marks, this is called ________.
High relief
The sculptural process in which the artist carves only in shallow depth is called _______.
Giambologna's rape of a sabine was cut from a single column of marble; the views can see a different ______ as he/she spirals around the sculpture.
Giambologna's rape of a sabine was commissioned to show off florentine political might.
Unlike freestanding sculpture, this type of sculpture is created to be viewed from one side only.
Another name for freestanding sculptures is ________.
in the round