Archaeological Approaches

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Basic Approaches To Archaeology.Includes Questions From The Myth Of The Moundbuilders.

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What is the focus for the ideational perspective? 
Ideas, symbols, and mental structures as driving forces behind human behavior.
What does the adaptive perspective emphasize?
Technology, ecology, demography, and economy in the definition of human behavior. 
In the case of the mica graves in Mound City, Ohio, how the mica symbolized prestige is an example of which perspective?
Ideational perspective
What are the six steps of the scientific method?
1. Define problem/question
2. Establish hypotheses
3. Determine empirical implications
4. Collect data
5. Test hypotheses
6. Reject, revise, or retest hypotheses
How does the humanistic approach differ from the scientific approach?
Humanistic approach is personal internal, and historical. Scientific approach is impersonal, external, and cumulative.
Who was originally thought to have built the Native American mounds and earthworks?
A superior civilization destroyed by Native Americas.
What hypothesis was Thomas Jefferson testing when he excavated the burial mound on his property? Did it prove true?
That the bones inside resulted from warfare. No. He found that the burials had accumulated through repeated use. 
Who did Emphraim Squier and Edwin Davis think built the Native American mounds?
Ancestors of the "semi-civilized" nations of Mexico and Central America
Who was chosen to head up the Bureau of Ethnology's new division of mound studies?
Cyrus Thomas