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APUSH Key Terms

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Columbian Exchange
The exchange of plants and animals between the New World and Europe following the discovery of America in 1492.  
The economic philosopht of Great Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries.  GBR sought to increase its power and wealth by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by establishing a favorable balance of trade with its colonies.
Half-Way Covenant
Established by the Puritans to ease requirements for church membership.  The half-way covenant allowed the baptism of the children of baptized but unconverted Puritans.
The belief that God created the universe but allowed it to operate through the laws of nature.  
Cult of Domesticity/Republican Motherhood
Refers to the idealization of women in their roles as wives and mothers.  The concept of republican mothers suggested that women would be responsible for raising children to be virtuous citizens of the US.
A philosophy and literary movement of the 1800's that emphasized living a simple life and celebrating the truth found in nature and in personal emotion and imagination.
*Ralph Emerson and Henry Thoreau were foremost transcendentalist writers.
The belief that humans can use conscious acts of will to create communities based upon cooperation and mutual respect.
Jacksonian Democracy 
The set of political beliefs associated with Andrew Jackson.  It included respect for the common sense and abilities of the common man, expansion of White male suffrage, appointment of political supporters to government positions, andd opposition to priveleged Eastern elites.