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APUSH Exam Review Set 1

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What are Hoovervilles?
Shantytowns of unemployed workers
Why were Japanese Americans sent to internment camps during World War 2?
They posed a threat to national security.
Senator McCarthy...
played on American fears that communists were messing with the State Department
Martin Luther King Jr. called for
the peaceful integration of races
Why was the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 important?
It strengthened the relationship between Eastern manufacturing and Western agriculture.
Slavic immigrants settled in the Midwest because
Job opportunities in midwest steel industry, the meat packing industry, and other unskilled jobs.
How did WW2 affect the women workforce?
Women in the workplace increased due to the vacanies.
What was the major purpose of England's mercantilist policy?
It increased England prosperity.
What did Jefferson's administration advocate in order to restore republican ideals?
Reducing the scope of the federal government.
Colonial cities functioned primarily as:
Mercantile centers for collecting and trading agricultural goods.
Parliaments ability to reflect colonial interests is known as:
Virtual representation
The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine expanded the United States' role in:
Central America/ Caribbean
Royal colonies:
Under the direct authority and rule of the king's government.
Proprietary colonies:
Under the authority of individuals granted charters of ownership by the king.
In the 1850s the South differed demographically from the North in what way?
The South had fewer European immigrants.