APUSH Chapter 16- Set 4

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APUSH Chapter 16- Set 4

Chapter 16 Vocab Terms.

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On the Bozeman Trail, 80 men under Captian Fetterman killed by Cheyenne and Siox indians (us attacked)
Fetterman Massacre 1866
african american soldiers fight the indians in the west 9th and 10th unit 
Buffalo soldiers 1870 1880
Leader of the Chiricahua Apaches- last resisting tribe. When us tried to move them to San Carlos reservation- leader ten year raid. after surrender moved to oklahomadied in 1909 at fort still ok 3 years after publishing his memiors
Geronimo 1875- 1886
George Custer 264 men killed in montana by 2500 sioux under leadership of crazy horse and sitting bull 
Battle of Litter Big Horn 1876
Nez Perce forced to move from oregan territory to Idaho tried to lead several hundred people on a march to find refuge in canada. Defended the us at big hole river in montana, but were stopped a few miles from canada's border
Chief Joseph and Nez Perce War 1877
A century of dishonor- unjust manner in which the us gov treated the indians. indian made citizens in 1824
Helen Hunt Jackson 1881
force american indians to assimilate into white cultureTribal lands to be divided among individual indiansfamily head got 160 acres, single adult or orphan received 80 acres and each dependent child 40 acres.- the indians still didnt farmindian children were sent to boarding schools land held by indians declined by more than half by 1900
Dawes Severalty Act of 1887