APUSH Chapter 16- Set 1

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APUSH Chapter 16- Set 1

Chapter 16 Vocab Terms For APUSH. 

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Westward expansion- mainly the 19th century. In the 1850's us reached the pacific and doubled its size. 
Westward Expansion
revolution in transportation and communication, a growing population, and a booming economy lead to...
Western surge
native pop, spanish, and conflict over slavery
westward expansion bloody
bad political and economic condition, opportunity
200,000 Chinese migrating to western coast- 1880
worked prospecting and mining gold until removed, orchards vineyards and fishing, 90% of the work force for the transcontinental railroad
Chinese Work
Anti- coolie clubs in 1860s- 1870sChinese Exclusion Act in 1882
US resistance to Chinese 
1882 that prohibited chinese immigration to the United States and was renewed in 1892 
Chinese Exclusion Act
Missouri River- Rocky Mountains. many people considered this land was a Sahara habitable only to Indians. (major Long)
Great American Desert 1820- 1850
New York Tribune. "Go west, Young man" people struggling in the east should go west
Horace Greeley 1840s- 1873

California miner's Tax- non us citizens 4 per month
California Miner's Tax 1852
 1850- non us citizens 20 per month. Repealed the next yearestablished Chinatown in San Fransico- citys business community
Foreign Miners License Law 
Started Railroad construction
Pacific Railroad Act in 1862
Union Pacific and Central Pacific completed the line at Promontory Utah in 1869
two Railroad companies