APUSH Chapter 11

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APUSH Chapter 11

Jacksonian Era

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Jacksonian ideals
expanded econ opportunity, equality, lower taxes, pay off fed debt, shrink gov and decrease spending, destroy national bank
Jackson & Federal Officials
Believed serving more than one term led to corruption; vowed to replace fed officials
Jackson Equality Quote
"Distinctions in society will always exist under every just government; equality of talents, or education, or of wealth cannot be produced by human institutions"
Jefferson's opinion of Jackson
he is "dangerous" and "unfit for the presidency"
Webster inauguration quote
"Persons have come 500 miles to see Genl Jackson, and they really seem to think that the country is rescued from some dreadful danger
Eaton Affair
*Peggy Eaton*caused scandal among ladies, esp. Calhoun's wife*drew closer to Van Buren*quote
Jackson view on internal improvements
*opposed those within a single state, condoned interstate projects*vetoed 1830 Maysville Road bill
SC Slave Insurrection
Denmark Vesey slave insurrection of 1822
 Calhoun & Nullification
*similar to ratification of the Constitution process
Webster-Hayne Debate
*1829 Senator Foot proposed restricting land sales*Benton accused north*Webster pro-north, Hayne pro-south and pro-nullification
Jefferson Day Dinner
*April 1830, Jackson makes anti-nullification toast"To the union, it must be preserved"
May 1830
Jackson sees evidence that Calhoun wanted to discipline him, removes all Calhoun particans from cabinet
 Calhoun's "peevish vote" against Van Buren
voted against Van Buren's ministry to England
Tarriff of 1832
pushed through by John Quincyreduced many tarriffs except those on cloth and iron
1833 Congress
1) "force bill"-for SC compliance2) compromise tariff of 1833
Indian Removal Act
passed by Congress in 1830in South, Seminoles and Cherokees put up resistance
Black Hawk War
*1832 *Wisconsin Territory*Sauk and Fox tribes
Trail of Tears
*departed from Georgia 1838*Of 17,000, 8000 survived 800 mile treck
1. cherokee nation v Georgia (1831)2. worcester v Georgia (1832)
1.  court lacked jurisdiction, but land right unquestionable2.  Georgia law not apllicable to cherokee nation
1832 election
*B.U.S central issue*Anti-Masonic party; first third party, first convention, first to announce platform*Republican and democratic conventions met in Baltimore*Democrats established 2/3 precedent
"pet banks"
state banks that held federal funds
Distribution Act
1836Compromise b/n Clay and Jackson where nat'l surplus was distributed to states via "loans"
Specie Circular
western land sales must be in gold or silver coins
Whig Party
*united against Jackson*strong supporters of econ nationalism
election of 1836
Whigs put of Webster, Hugh White, and William Henry Harrison; Van Buren of the Democrats won
Financial Panic of 1837
*caused by English depression*1/3 unemployment*Buren didn't think he needed to aid people
Independent Treasury Act
July 1840
General Winfield Scott
kept peace on the border
William Henry Harrison
*elected 1840"Tippacanoe and Tyler too""Log Cabin and Hard Cider"*former gov of Indiana territory, congressman from Ohio, minister to Colombia
Voting increase
27% in 1824 to 78% in 1840