Apush Ch. 31-32 II

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Apush Ch. 31-32 II

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Woodrow Wilson Beliefs
against trst, for reform, bank reform and reduced tariffs
Socialist who ran in presidential elections
Eugene V. Debs
Underwood Tariff
reduction of rates and import fees
16th Amendment
graduated income tax
Federal Reserve Act
Federal Reserve Board oversaw system of 12 regional reserve districts, each with central bank Guaranteed good amount of public control Empowered to  issue paper money backed by commercial paper
Louis D. Brandeis
increased reform thinking with book Other People's Money and How the Bank Uses It
Federal Trade Commission ACt of 1914
president appointed commission to search interstate commerce industries, to crush monopolies
Clayton Anti Trust ACt of 1914
lengthened list of objectionable business practices, sought to exempt labor and agriculture from anti trust persecution, legalized strikes and picketing
Ffederal Farm Loan Act  of 1916
made credit available to farmers at low interest
Warehouse Act of 1916
authorized loans on security of staple crops
La Follette Seaman's Act of 1915
required decent treatment and living wage on US merchant ships, hurt merchant marine
Adamson Act of 1916
8 hr day for all employees on trains with extra for overtime
Louis D. Brandeis
Progressive and First Jew on Supreme Court
Panama Canal Tolls Act of 1912
exempted US coast shipping from tolls, protested by Britain
Jones Act
Gave Philippines territorial status and promised independence when they got stable gvt