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APUSH Ch. 31-32

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Henry Demarest Lloyd
Wrote Wealth Against Commonwealth that attacked Standard Oil
Jacob A. Riis
Wrote How the Other Half Lives which shocked middle class by talking about NY slums
Thorstein Veblen
Wrote The Theory of the Leisure Class
Theodore Dreiser
Wrote The Financier and The Titan that attacked promoters and profiteers
Lincoln Steffens
Wrote articles in McClure's to unmask the corrupt alliance between big business and the government
Ida Tarbell
Wrote against Standard Oil
Thomas Lawson
speculator who wrote about practices of his stock market "buddies"
Dr. Harvey Wiley
chemis of US Department of Agriculture who criticized patent medicines
David Phillips
attacked Senators by saying they represented railroads and trusts
John Spargo
Brought abuses of child labor to light
Ray Stannard Baker
spotted illiteracy of American blacks
17th Amendment
Direct election of senators
Robert LaFollette
governor from WI, fought against lumber and railroad interests, regulated public utilities and put power into common people
Hiram Johnson
governor of CA that fought Southern Pacific Railroad
Charles Evans Hughes
governor of NY, gained fame for investigating malpractices of gas and insurance companies of coal trust
Muller v. Oregon
laws protecting women from factory labor constitutional
Lochner v. NY
invlidated NY law establishing 10 hr day for bakers
Francis Willard
anti-liquor, founded Woman's Christian Temperance Union  
Elkins Act
fines on railroads who gave rebates and shippers who accepted them
Hepburn Act
free passes on trains restricted, ICC expanded
Upton Sinclair
wrote The Jungle exposing horrible meat packing malpractices
Meat Inspection Act of 1906
meat shipped over states lines inspected
Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906
to prevent adulteration and mislabeling of food and drugs
Desert Land Act of 1877
first step towards conservation, federal gvt sold cheap land to be irrigated by purchaser
Forest Reserve Act of 1891
authorized president to set aside public forests as national parks and other reserves
Carey Act
distributed land to states on condition that it be irrigated and settled
Newlands Act
gvt authorized to collect money from sales of western lands and use it for irrigation
Sierra Club
dedicated to preserving wildness of the west
Aldrich-Vreeland Act
authorized national banks to issue emergence currency backed by various kinds of collateral