AP European Test From ChAPters 20 And 21

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AP European Test From ChAPters 20 And 21

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which was the first european to mandate elementary education
in the 18th century how many abandoned children were admitted annually in foundling hospitals
one third of all Paris babies
how did most couples live in 17th and 18th century europe
the new married couple had their own house. If families ever combined it would be the parents moving in with the couple
what was the most common job for young single girlsand what were the included risks
servant girls with the risk of rape
how was premarital sex viewed before 1750
not entered lightly but still limited (slightly exceptable)
how did rural communities punish the villagers who committed an act outside of social norms
embarrassing them by parading them on a donkey
who had a role in the car/healing of the sick in the 18th century
pharmacist and apothocaries
why did adults have a detached attitude and feelings towards their children
because the kids kept dying
what was the basic religeous unit in 18th century europe
low level priest who can interact with comoners
what was the survival rate for babies who were sent to foundling homes
50% usually  and at worst  90% died   (at worst only 10% lived)
what is pietism
a common religeon everyone can agree upon, extended and more religeous matters; Christian rebirth
what was the diet of the wealthy
meat, sweets, and liquor
besides bread, wha telse made up the poors' diet
peas and beans
how did surgeons gain practice
by being army surgeons
who is the founder of methodism
john wesley
what does the term lunatic refer to
a belief that the full moon made people go crazy
what was the greatest achievement of 18th century medical sience
small pox vacination
what did edward jenner discover and how was he rewarded for his discoveries
he made the small pox cure, and recieved £30,000 from Britian
identify the different aspects for the celibration of Carnival
it came before lent and allowed the citizens a break from normal life
what is madame du coudray most famous for
she's a midwife and taught other midwives. Most importantly she wrote "Manual on the Art of Childbirth"
which group met in 1787 to discuss tax reform in france
estates general
what are the "hundred days" referring to
napoleon's 100 day return
when did napoleon first seize power
what did the declaration of Pillnitz state
Austria and Prussia wrote it. It stated is france killed ot harmed the king or queen then they would attack.   It was written to intimidate
indentify the influences of the american revolution on the french revolution
the american revolution inspired the people of france and showed them that freedom could be achieved and a little power could overthrow a huge power
what did mary wollstonecraft argue
women's rights
who did napoleon sign the Concordat with
the clergy
why did the directory continue the wars of conquest that were begun by the early revolutionaries
 unified the people with nationalism, kept unemployment down by producing arms, good leadership and natural resources
which treaty left france in control of holland and the austrian netherlands
treaty amiens
accoding to abbe sieyes what is the third estate
the 3rd estate makes up france. (the working class, middle class, women, and ruralpoor)
who was a part of the third coalition
austria, russia, and prussia
which battle did napoleon defeat austria and russia in in 1805
the battle of Austerlitz in December 1805
where did the first great revolt against the french empire occur
in spain for 5 years
who were the individuals elected to represent the 3rd estate
which group made the tennis court oath
3rd estate
what does the term great fear refer to
the peasants scarred the upper
what did the declaration of rights of man guarantee
equality, fraternity, and liberity
what were the accomplishments of the national assembly
abolishes fuedal privelages, issues the declaration right of man, and confiscates church lands
what can be attributed to the string of military victories in 1793-1794
many people were drafted into the army and nationalism
what happend during the september massacres
 the peasants, out of fear, would break into the prisons and murder the 1st and 2nd estate prisoners
what did the political struggle between the girondins and the mountain primarily consist of
they fought for power because they were jelous and bitter
what drove the national assembly towards a more radical direction by 1789
the peasant revolts and fear of anti-revolutionists
who directed the reign of terror
robes pierres
which system was meant to exclude british goods from the continent
the continental system
what was the comittee of public safety
they were set up as an emergency comitee and found anti-revoulutionists, they also enforced laws
napoleon began which invasion in June 1812
what did Olmpe de Gouges firmly stress
women's rights