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Ap Euro Treaties

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pragmatic sanction of bourges
council over papacy, France picks bishops
concordat of bologna
papacy over council, catholicism is french religion
peace of augsburg
ends catholic/protestant war, calvinism not mentioned so it can spread, prince picks religion of territory
act of restraint of appeals
king sovereign in england
supremacy act
king head of church in england
act of submission of the clergy
churchmen subordinate to the king
treaty of cateau-cambresis
ended habsburg-valois wars, prince determines religion of subject, ended dynastic wars
peace of westphalia
ended 30 years' war, authority of many german princes recognized, calvinism okay, ended idea of all-christian society, increased size of france
edict of nantes
liberty of public worship to some calvinists, ends french civil war
union of utrecht
7 northern netherlands independent from spain
edict of restitution
restored catholic properties, let catholics and lutherans practice faiths
treaty of tordesillas
divides conquered lands into east and west
treaty of utrecht
ends woss, france kept in check, england gets asciento, wars ruin french economy
petition of right
king can't imprison w/o cause, force loans/levy taxes w/o parliament ok, house soldiers w/o consent, martial law in peace times
navigation acts
goods to colonies must go by british ships
test act
catholics cant hold public office
habeus corpus
prisoners have the right to be brought before a judge
act of settlement
protestant must always be on english throne
act of toleration
puritans can practice religion
bill of rights
protects parliament from monarchy
union act
england/scotland/wales form the UK
pragmatic sanction
habsburg possessions must never be divided and must be passed intact to a single heir