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Renaissance humanism drew its main inpiration from?
Classic langugues and litercy
Advocates of Northern Humanism believed in?
Fusion of christian and classic ideas
Factor of the spread of Humanism?
The printing press
"Religion supplies the pretext and gold the motive"
Spanish and Portagual expansion in the New World
Begging in 1452 which family became the Holy roman emperors?
What caused the inflation in the 17th century?
influx of precious metals and increase in population
Result of the Council of Trent?
Reform within Catholic Church mortality and education, doctrines, saccrements, pay money
Diffrence bewteen Calvinism and Lutherism?
Salvation of faith alone, ministry of all beliviers, and authority of the bible
Lutherism in the 16th century
Martin Luther initially critized the church beacuse?
German peasant revolt?
revolt started from (new religious ideas, and peasent demands)
Purpose of the Peace of Augsburg?
1555 recognized lutherins in german states charles signed to end civil war bewteen lutherins and chatholics in german state
Calvinism was influenced in the folllowing?
Scotland, Netherlands, France, and Swizerland
Martin Luther's beliefs?
no indulgences, authority of the scriptures, justification by faith, 2 sacrements, priesthood beliefs,
Haburgs possesions?
Austria, spain, holy roman empire, party of italy, parts of france, netherlands, and mexico
Canon law?
church law
Gustavus Adolphus?
30 yrs war sweedish king side of protesants major participant of the thirty years war
Edict of nantes?
Recognized the rights of french prodestand hugononts
Who led Europe in shipbuilding and navigation in 17 century
Result of 30 yr war?
political fragmentation of the holy roman empire maintained, exect same freom when it bagan
why did Louis XIV build versille
to keep control of the nobles
what kind of goverment did England have after Charles I was deafeated?
military dictatorship by oliver cromwell
Result of glorouis revollution?
Limited monachal power
Why was the systum of intendent esablished in France?
to implicate royal policies on locality and keep an eye on nobliity loyalty to the nobles
Decribe mercantillist ecomic policy
Bullanist aprouch to building self sufficant dont buy from other countries self suffiant
Where did the Hangover dynasty come from
Germany kings of England
which countries defied pattern of absolute gov in 17 century
England Dutch(netherlands)
Who was the most often tried for whitches?
old women
Who provided the mathematical formula supporting copercian theory?
Why did Peter the great establish St. Petersburg?
Become more westerner to become succesful, russia as succesful like west
Why did charles VI issue the pragmatic Sanction?
Keep his lands so that hasburg land will not be divided
describe the political systum of the Dutch in 17 century
Ruled by wealthy merchants
Why did Peter the Great reform Russian Army?
Tying to gain acess to bultic coast
Why did Sweden fade as a great power?
Beacuse of the great northern war (Russia expanding)
All the characteristics of an absolute state in the 17 and 18 century?
large standing armies, weakened nobility, strong centrallized buracarcy, close assosiation of the church and the monachy
Diffrence bewyeen parliment and palement?
parliment- Legislative branch in Britian parlement- juducial court in France
What country rose rapidly to power in 18 century
Prussia (Holezorea)
How did Fredrick the great contribute to Prussia rise?
annexed Maria Thersas land of Silsia
Population in the 18 century in Europe?
increasing rapidly
Industiral revlution involved teckniques in?
textiles production
result of Westphailia?
garenteed independence of German states
What contributed to the pop growth in 18 century?
intro of the new food staple (potatoes), lower mortality rate
What did the young peasent women do in the 18 century
left had to work for dowry as domestic servents
Describe the enclosure movement?
Fencing of comman farm land in England
where did AR begin?
gb low countries (Netherlands)
What is the quote talking about?
enclosure movement
inventions in Western europe during 15 and 16 century?
all  of theses exept; answer the flying shuttle
Central to the devoliopment of early industrial revollution
shift from animal and human power to machine power
Largest city in Europe in 18 century
Easter Orthodox church in what country
Russi and Bulcons
Charasterics of the olf regime all of the folowing
nobility aristrocatic elites, state religion, feudal dues, guilds
Caues of the urbon riotes
price of bread
Definition of Merchantillism?
Goverment intreraction favorable balance of trade
Chief of foreign policy aim of GB durning the 18 century
prevent france from becoming to powerfull
Mercantilism was characterized by?
Goverments effort to build strong self suffiant economy
Imperial rivalries in 18 century?
Spain, France, GB
Between 1650-1750 what was the most vaulable export from the New World?
Why was Fredrick the Great views as an enlightnend despot?
policies of religious toleration
How did philosophes belive society could best achieve progress?
Through the scientific imperlism
Qoute what does this describe?
adam smith strongly advocated a policy of
freee trade , minimal gov interference in economy (laizze Fair)
greatest hapinnes of greater number
Utiiarism philosophy
Enlitened monachs supported all of these?
education, administrative reform, reform of ecomomy, religious toleration warfare, productivity
Catherine 11's greates territorial triumph?
Wealth of Nations advocated a systum of trade of?
Free Trade
Who are the enlitened monachs?
Catherine the Great, Fredrick, and Joesp II
Adam smith maintained that?
Compition is socially benificial
what activities did adam smith think where apprpriate fo rnational gov?
Defending the state aginst foreign enimies
Western population did which of the foloowing during the 18 century
steady and substantial growth
Principal rivials in trade during 17 centrury?
Spain, France, GB
Most influential publication of 18 century
John Locke believed that individual where born
tabula rasa blank slates