AP Biology ChAPter 19 Vocab

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AP Biology ChAPter 19 Vocab

AP Biology Ch Apter 19

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Protein shell enclosing the viral genome
membrane that cloaks the capsid that in turn encloses a viral genome
Viral envelope
viruses that infect bacteria
limited variety of hosts a phage can infect
Host range
phage reproductive cycle that culminates in the death of the host cell
Lytic cycle
phage that reproduces only by the lytic cycle
Virulent phage
endonuclease that recognizes &cuts DNA molecules foreign to a bacterium
Restriction enzyme
allows replication of the phage without destroying the host
Lysogenic cycle
phage capable of using both modes of reproducing within a bacterium
Temperate phage
phage genome that has been inserted in to a specific site on a bacterial chromosome
RNA virus that reproduces by transcribing its RNA into DNA &then inserting the DNA into a cellular chromosome
Transcribes and RNA template into DNA, providing and RNA --> DNA information flow, the opposite of the usual
Reverse Transcriptase
The retrovirus that causes AIDS
Symptoms and signs present during the late stages of HIV infection, defined by a specified reduction in the # of T cells & the appearance of characteristic secondary infections
Integrated viral DNA that never leaves the host's genome, remaining a permanent resident of the cell
Harmless variant or derivative of a pathogen that stimulates the immune system to mount defenses against the harmful pathogen
General outbreak of a disease
Global epidemic
circular RNA molecules that infect plants
Infectious proteins that appear to cause a # of degenerative brain diseases in various animal species