Animal And Plant Adaptations - 4th Grade

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Animal And Plant Adaptations - 4th Grade

Animal And Plant Adaptations

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A BODY PART or ACTIVITY that helps living things to SURVIVE
TRAVELING great DISTANCES to mate or find food.
To sleep during the COLD of WINTER
Thin coiled STRUCTURES that help PLANTS CLIMB
To DISGUISE ONESELF to fit into the natural surroundings.
Plants compete for WATER, SUNLIGHT, AIR and SPACE to grow.
What things do plants COMPETE for?
Two adaptations that help plants survive are: 1. Their roots are DEEP  to help them reach WATER. 2. Some plants have NEEDLES so animals cannot eat them. 3. Some plants GROW TALL  to reach the SUNLIGHT.
Seeds are scattered to new places by wind, animals and people.
How are seeds scattered to new places?
Plants grow close to the ground and have hairs on their stems that act like fur to keep them warm.
What helps plants grow in COLD places?
Cactus ROOTS do not grow very deep. This helps them to absorb as much water as possible when it rains.
How are cactus plant roots a type of adaptation?
Why do animals MIGRATE?
BEAKS help birds SURVIVE so they can eat food and DEFEND itself.
Explain why BEAKS help birds SURVIVE?
Hibernation and Migration
What are 2 forms of ADAPTATIONS that help animals SURVIVE?
Bears, chipmunks, squirrels use HIBERNATION as a form of adaptation.
Name some animals that use HIBERNATION as a form of ADAPTATION?
Herons and Pelicans
Name two birds that feed on fish, but have different beaks?
Short Thick Beak - Used for CRUSHING SEEDS Long Thin Beak - Used to STAB FISH Hooked Beak - Used to TEAR MEAT
How are the different BEAKS used?
CACTUS have small NEEDLES that do not allow water to easily evaporate and it can store water in it's system.
How is a cactus adapted to its invironment?
2 behaviors animals have to protect themselves from cold winters is to MIGRATE to a WARMER CLIMATE or to HIBERNATE during the winter by living on STORED FAT.
What are 2 behaviors animals have to protect themselves from cold winters?
The adaptation that giraffes have is their TALL NECKS.
What adaptations do giraffes have to help them reach tall trees?
Wings, legs, fins help animals ESCAPE from predators.
What body parts help animals ESCAPE predators?
There SCENT keeps other animals away.
How do skunks keep other animals away?
Armadillo - Small plates of tough skin - protects softer part of his body. Aye-Aye - Long  thin fingers - used to ge its food.  Uakari Monkey - Red face - warns other animals. Camels - Large Feet - helps to walk in the sand so they don't sink.
Name the adaptation for the following animals and how it helps them survive? Armadillo, Aye-Aye, Uakari Monkey, Camels
Electric Eel - 500 volts of electricity - used to sting its prey. Gecko - pads on feet lick suction cups - used to grip flat surfaces. Snowshoe Hare - fur turns white in the winter - so it can camouflage itself. Lady Bug - it's bright colors - shows it tastes unpleasant.
For the following animals name their adaptation and how it helps them survive? Electric Eel, Gecko, Snowshoe Hare, Lady Bug