Animal Phylums, Classes And Orders

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Animal Phylums, Classes And Orders

What Animals Are In Each Phylum, Class, Order

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phylum porifera
phylum cnidaria
jellyfish, corals, and hydras
phylum platyhelminthes
flatworms, tapeworms
phylum nematoda
roundworms, paragrellus redivivus
phylum annelida
segmented worms. earthworms.
phylum mollusca
soft body. octopuses, mollusks, limpets, etc.
class gastropoda
limpets, sea slugs. part of phylum mollusca.
class pelecycpode
mussels, oysters. part of phylum mollusca.
class cephalapoda
squids, octopuses. part of phylum mollusca.
phylum arthropoda
jointed feet. insects, crustaceans
class chilopoda
centipedes. part of phylum arthropoda.
class diplopoda
millipedes. part of phylum arthropoda
class crustacea
crustaceans. part of phylum arthropoda
class insecta
insects. part of phylum arthropoda
class arachinida
spides, scorpions. part of phylum arthropoda
phylum echinodermata
sea stars, sea urchins, sand dollars
phylum chordata
chordates. fish, amphibians, mammals
subphylum urochordata
tunicate. subphylum of chordata
subphylum cephalochordata
lancelet. subphylum of chordata
subphylum vertebrata
vertebrates. subphylum of chordata
class agnatha
lamprey, hagfish. no jaw. underneath vertebrata
class chondrichthyes
cartilage fish. sharks, stingrays, rabbit fish. underneath vertebrata
class osteichthyes
bony fish. what we know as "fish". underneath vertebrata
class amphibia
amphibians. made of salamanders, frogs, and caecilians. vertebrata.
class reptilia
reptiles. snakes, tortoise, crocodile. vertebrata
class aves
birds. vertebrata
class mammalia
mammals. vertebrata.
order monotremata
echidna, platypus. mammalia.
order marsupialia
marsupials. mammalia.
order placental
eutheria. mammalia.