American History - Unit II Study Guide

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American History - Unit II Study Guide


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rise of anti immigrant groups
one company has complete control
Melting Pot
ethnic groups blending
Holding Company
buy out stock of other companies
Bribes , political power
Jim Crow Laws
Laws to keep segregation
Morrill Act 
Help finace agricultural colleges
Company receive dividends
Niagara Movement
College education for African Americans
Old Immigrant
English, Northern Europeans
New Immigrants
Asian, Spanish, Southern Europeans
Plessy v. Ferguson
Did not violate 14th ammendment
Munn v. Illinois
Farmers v. RR freight rates
Treaty of Ft. Lamamie
Soiux live near Missouri River
Homestead Act
360 acres, Improve land within 5 years, during civil war
White, Anglo, Saxon, Protestant
Sherman anti-trust Act
Corp. interfere with trade
Social Darwinism
no gov't interference4 in big business
Chinese Exclusion Act
Restricted immigration 
Gentleman's Agreement
Limited number Japanese immigrants
Housing, Rundown, overcrowded
Labor Unions
Help workers
The Grange
The patrons of Husbandry
The giving of gov't jobs to help get an official reelected
Knights of Labor
1st labor union
paper money during civil war
Cincinnati Red Stockings
First baseball team to tour around the country
Cow Towns
Ogalala NE, Abilene KS, Cheyenne WY
Chisholm Trail
Cattle route from Texas to Kansas
Drive cattle
Open Range
No fences
14th Amendment
Separate but Equal
African Americans had separate public and private facilities
Marshall Field
Developed the 1st department store
Ellis Island
For European Immigrant, New York Harbor
Marcus Whitman
Missionary along the Oregan Trail
Boss Tweed 
Corrupt politician of New York City
William McKinley
Defeated William Jennings Bryan for the president
General Custer
Battle of Little Big Horn
William Jennings Bryan
Lost to Mckinley in 1896 for President
Andrew Carnegie
Built steel company in Pittsburgh used the Bessemer process
John D. Rockefeller 
Standard Oil
Booker T. Washington
African American headed Tuskegee University
Thomas Edison
Worked in his lab in New Jersey
W.E.B. DuBois
Founded the Niagara Movement
Little Big Horn
Custer's Army was destroyed
Joseph McCoy
Illinois Cattle Dealer
Eugene V. Debs
Formed ARU
Robert Henri
Painter of abstract art
Daniel Freeman
First Homestead, Near Beatrice 
Henry Bessemer
Processing Iron
Wright Brothers
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, first flight
William Randolph Hearst
Newpaper man
John Roebling
Build Brooklyn Bridge
Samuel Gompers
Union Labor Leader