Amendments And Court Cases. M

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Amendments And Court Cases. M

Amendments And Court Cases

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1st Amendment
Congres will not make a law that could affect the free excercise of Religion,Press,Assembly,Petition or Speech.

2nd Amendment Bearing arms
There will be militia to secure the freedom of states,people can have weapons too.

3rd Amendment Quartering of troops
No soldier can brake in a house while there is no war or without the aproval of the owner.

4th Amendment
Searches and seizures are permitable only with a warrant,has to be supported by oath.

5th Amendment
Sets out rules for indictment by grand jury and eminent domain. Protects and prohibits from self incrimination and double jeopardy.

6th Amendment
Protects the right of having a fair and speedy trial

7th Amendment
Provides for the right to trial jury in certain civil cases

8th Amendment
Prohibits excesive fines and excessive bail

9th Amendment
Aserts the exsistance of unenumerated rights retained by the people

10 Amendment
Limits the power of federal goverment to those delegated to it by the constitution
11th Amendment
Lays the foundtion for sovereign inmunity
12th Amendment
Revises presidential election procedures
13th Amendment
Abolishes slavery and involuntary servitud,except punishment for a crime
14th Amendment
defines citizenship. provides for the acquisition of United States citizenship.
15th Amendment
Prohibits the denial of suffrage based on color,race or previous condition of servitud
16th Amendment
Allows  government to collect  income tax
17th Amendment
Relating to the elections of senators.
18th Amendment 
Outlawed the making, selling, transporting, importing and exporting alcohol
19th Amendment
Women's suffrage
20th Amendment
Limited the period time of member of congress and president of the senate
21st Amendment
Repealed the 18th amendment.
22nd Amendment
No president shall serve more than 2 elected terms
23rd Amendment
Provides DC to have the right to vote
24th Amendment
Outlawed poll taxes
25th Amendment
Provision of presidential succesion
26th Amendment
Minimun age for voting cannot b more than 18
27th Amendment
Congeress salary can't increase until after next regular congresional election
Marbury v Madison
Established Judicial review
McChulloch v Maryland
States can't tax federal goverment
Gibbons v Ogden
The decision strengthened the power of the U.S. to regulate any interstate buisness
Plessy v Ferguson
Segregation was permited
Brown v Board of Education
segragation ended...overturned plessy v fergusson
Roe v Wade
The court upheld  a woman's right to choose in this case
Mapp v Ohio
"Exclusionary rule"protection against citizens in state courts, improper police behavior
Miranda v Arizona
Firmly upheld citizens rights to fair trials in state courts
Gideon v Wainwright
State must provide a lawyer if client can' afford one
Tinker v Des moines
Upheld students First amendment rights
Engel v Vitale
The court found NY to be unconstitutional. religious beliefs are embodied in prayers
Texas v Johnson
State could not punish Johnson for burning the flag because the First Amendment protects such activity as symbolic speech.
Furman v Georgia
Many states rewrote their death penalty statues and these were generally upheld in Gregg v Georgia
Korematsu v U.S.
standard to racial discrimination by the government and for being one of only a handful of cases in which the Court held that the government met that standard.
Hazelwood School District v Kuhlmeier
Court upheld the director's actions, school need not tolerate student speech that is not related to education
New Jersey v TLO
Court rejected T.L.O argument starting that "the school had a legitimate need to mantain an enviorment in which learning can take place"