Amendments 1-15

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Amendments 1-15

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freedom of speech
say anything, but may get in trouble
freedom of religion
practice any religion
establishment clause
separation between religion and government
free exercise clause
congress make no law respecting religion
freedom of assembly 
need to have gov. permision to have a march, assembly, or parade
freedom to petition
right to ask gov. to do something or refrain from doing something
second amendment
anyone has the rights to own guns or weapons
third amendment
citizens do not have to offer housing to soldier
fourth amendment
a judge needs to issue a warrant before police can search anyones property
fifth amendment
protects people who are being accused of a crime
due process 
the idea that law and legal proceedings must be fair
self incrimination
the act of incriminating self
double jeopardy
if you get tried for the same case twice
grand jury
court choses a group of people to look at evidence to see if person is guilty
eminent domain
when the gov. takes private property, but they have to pay a reasonable price for it
sixth amendment 
all trials, speedy, and public trial
seventh amendment
civil court a court dealing with non-criminal cases
8Th amendment
no cruel or unfair punishements
9th amendment
grants rights to people
10th amendment
power not given to federal gov. are given to the states
13th amendment
prohibits slavery
14 amendment
make african americans citizens and give them due process
15th amendment
gives african americans right to vote