Age Of Imperialism

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domination by a country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region
slave-gun cycle
the exchange of slaves for other weapons
about _______ slaves were sent to the Americas. Only _____ actually made it to the US.
10.5 million; 500,000
2 month voyage across the Atlantic; starvation; illness; overcrowded
Middle Passage
who did Europeans rely on to bring slaves to the coastal trading posts?
african tribes
2 African kingdoms that became powerful from the slave-gun trade
Dahomey and Ashanti
first European country to outlaw the slave-gun trade...when??
Great Britain; 1807
name of the organization that freed slaves in Freetown
West African Patrol
colony established in Africa for freed slaves
only 2 countries in Africa not under European rule during 2nd half of 19th century
Liberia and Ethiopia
Congress of Berlin
1884-1885; decided who was going to have which nations in Africa
economical reasons of interest in Africa
raw materials and natural resources, Europe's standard of living was improved: needed more, new markets, cheap labor, outlet for increase in pop.
politiacal reasons of interest in Africa
sense of nationalism very strong; colonies viewed as source of prestige and strength,
emotional factors of interest in Africa
some Europeans believed they were racially and culturally superior, spread christianity to "pagans", "Take up the white man's burden"
extreme nationalism; even if it's wrong, I'll stand behind my country
extreme chauvinism
possesion that the imperial power controlled directly
exclusive trade privilages for imperial power
spheres of influence
country that has its own government but whose policies are guided by the imperial power
led Egyptians against the French; became Egypt's ruler in 1805; encouraged cash crops....ex.
Muhammed Ali; sugar, cotton, tobacco
Suez Canal
Muhammed's successors approved; Muhammed opposed
Battle of Adowa
Italians tried to establish control over Ethiopia; Menelik II defeated Italians
leader of Belgium made the Congo his private property
King Leopald
Leopald's possesion
Congo Free State; people treated brutally; came to symbolize the worst aspects of Europen imperialism in Africa
Belgium Congo
Belgium took over Congo Free State because things got so bad
European nation that took over most of West Africa
country that took over Nigeria
Great Britain
Portugal took over this country because they needed slaves for Brazil
Angola; also took Mozambique
country that founded port of Capetown
Dutch Netherlands
encouraged to settle in Capetown; peasants; Africaans (language)
Great Trek
when boers migrated north of capetown; established 2 republics: orange freestate and transvaal
zulu war
Boer vs. Zulu
Cecil Rhodes
Prime minister of Cape colony; racist; wanted to build railroad from British outposts to Africa (Cape to Cairo Railroad); boers in his way
conflict Rhodes' railroad led to
Boer War
Boer War
boers surrendered after 3 years; British put boers in concentration camps and starved them; felt bad so made big concessions to boers
segregation policy that haunted South Africa until 1990
apartheid-separated development
Union of South Africa
white dominated government
breaking up of a region into smaller and often hostile units
European trading company that became involoved in India's internal affairs
England East India Company
Sepoy Rebellion
weapons were packed in animal fat which is against the Indian's religion
Indian soldiers who served in European armies
rebellion that gave British excuse to take more control of India
Sepoy Rebellion
internal division that helped hold back resistance to British
Maharajah; religous differences