ASVAB - Vocabulary (set 1)

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ASVAB - Vocabulary (set 1)

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Although Johnny's full-time job was regarded by many as menial, he liked the peace and solitude it offered.

 A. lowly
 B. boring
 C. unpleasant
 D.  unrewarding
Something that is menial is subservient or lowly.
Emulate most nearly means
 A. discipline B. imitate
 C. approve
To emulate something is to strive to equal or imitate that thing.
Scrupulous most nearly means              
 A. Unorganized
 B. Tolerable
 C. Easy going
 D. Thorough
When one is scrupulous is meticulous or thorough.
Our computer system at work is archaic.                
 A. worthy
 B. obsolete
 C. current
 D. trendy
To be archaic is to be out-of-date or obsolete.
Obstinate most nearly means                
 A. depressing  B. destructive
 C. confident
 D. stubborn
To be pertinacious is to be unyielding or stubborn
Max's new cell phone worked great, but every now and then he would hear intermittent static.                
 A. loud  B. soft 
 C. periodic
When something is intermittent, it is periodic or starts and stops at intervals.
However most nearly means               
 A. Nevertheless
 B. Consequently
 C. Thus
 D. Fortunately
Nevertheless means nonetheless or in spite of, however.
Negligible most nearly means                
 A. Weak  B. Significant
 C. Trivial
 D. Noteworthy
To be negligible is to be unimportant or trivial.  
Vigilant most nearly means                
 A. Nonchalant
 B. Observant
 C. Virtuous
 D. Strenuous
To be vigilant is to be alert or observant.
Sam had been timid all of his life. When he decided to take up mountain climbing, his friends were incredulous.                
 A. afraid  B. heartbroken
 C. angry D. disbelieving
When one is incredulous, one is skeptical or disbelieving.  
Dr. Martin has a unique technique he uses when performing a surgery.                
 A. aggressive
 B. unparalleled
 C. respected
 D. antiquated
To be unique is to be one of a kind or unparalleled.
Ameliorate most nearly means                
 A. Persist  B. Worsen  C. Endorse D. Mend
To ameliorate is to recover, heal, or mend.
Perseverance most nearly means               
 A. popular
 B. happy  C. persistent D. modest
To have perseverance is to be steadfast in your course or to be persistent.
Our company policy is that every person is accountable for his or her actions.               
 A. responsible  B. awarded  C. thanked D. complimented
To be accountable is to be held answerable or responsible.
The board voted unanimously to approve the merger.                
 A. independently  B. undivided  C. happily D. individual
When a group’s does something unanimously, they do it undivided or undisputed.
Contemptuous most nearly means                
 A. exclusive  B. secured  C. common D. scornful
When one is contemptuous, one is disdainful or scornful.
Deceive most nearly means                
 A. cheat  B. defend  C. pay D. disobey
When one deceives they swindle, trick, or cheat
Resigned most nearly means                
 A. Saddened  B. Passive
 C. Excited D. Cold
To be resigned is to be compliant and accepting, or passive.
Philanthropy most nearly means                
 A. Greedy
 B. Generosity  C. Selfish D. Respectful
An act of philanthropy is an act of charity or generosity.
After being arrested, the suspect was nondescript in his interrogation.                
 A. ordinary  B. special  C. unique D. lethargic
Something that is nondescript is without distinction or ordinary.