Abeka 4th Grade History, Chapter 5

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Abeka, 4th Grade History, Chapter 5

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People who wanted to purify the Church of England
Governor of Massachusetts
John Winthrop
man who was beaten with a whip in Massachusetts for preaching the gospel
Obadiah Holmes
man who founded Rhode Island
Roger Williams
minister who went to England to get a charter for Rhode Island
Dr. John Clarke
English ship that brought the first settlers to New Hampshire
man who gave New Hampshire it's name
John Mason
preacher who built Hartford,the first major settlement in Connecticut
Thomas Hooker
document that established Connecticut's system of government; provided a good pattern for the Constitution of the United States
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
New England Colonies
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hamposhire
colony founded by the Puritans in 1630
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Largest town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
first settlement in Rhode Island
first colony to offer complete religious freedom, founded by Roger Williams
Rhode Island
Indian word from which Connecticut gets its name; means "on or beside the long tidal river"
first major settlement in Connecticut; built by Thomas Hooker
Massachusetts Bay Colony founded
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut written
How many colonies were there in America by 1735?