Solutions, Acids, And Bases

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Solutions, Acids, And Bases

9th Grade Test #2

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substance that dissolves solute
substance the is dissolves in solution
Three indicators of solution concentration
percent by mass, parts per million, molarity
Mass percent concentration
solute mass/total mass * 100%
Parts per million
5/100 = x/1000000
amount of substance to contain 6 * 10 to the 23rd power particles
molar mass
volume of one mole; Atomic mass in grams
moles per liter
more H+ than OH-
more OH- than H+
Neutralization Reaction produces (2)
Water and salt
strong acid
fully ionized when dissolved in water, conducts electricity well
weak acid
partially ionized, not as conductive
Example of strong acid
nitric acid HNO3
example of weak acid
acetic acid CH3COOH
example strong base
Potassium hydroxide KOH
example weak base
ammonia NH3