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DR. Cooksey's Final Psychology 101 Exam

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Motivation is best understood as a state that...
Energizes and directs behavior
One shortcoming of the instinct theory of motivation it...
Does not explain human behavior, it simply names them.
Few Human behaviors are rigidly patterned enough to qualify as...
One Problem with the idea of motivation as drive reduction is that...
Because some motivated behaviors do not seem to be based on physiological needs, they cannot be explained in terms of drive reduction.
Instinct theory and drive-reduciton theorybother emphasizes ____ Factors in Motivation.
Which of the following is not an example of homeostasis?
Feeling hungry at the sight of an appetizing food.
Which of the following is a difference between a drive and a need?
Needs are physiological states, Drives are psychological states.
Homeostatic refers to
The tendency to maintain a steady internal state.
Which of the following is inconsistent with the drive reduction theory of motivation.
Monkey will work puzzles even if not given a food reward.
Mary loves hang gliding. It would be difficult to explain to Mary's behavior according to.
Drive Reduction Theory
For two weeks, Orlando has been on a hunger strike. Orlando's willingness to starve conflicts with the throey of motivation by.
Beginning with the basic needs, which of the following represents the correct sequence of needs in the hierarchy by Maslow.
Physiological, Safety, Belongingness and love, self fulfillment
According to Maslow's theory
All the above
In his study of men on a semi diet, Keys found that
Subjects become obsessed with food.
Increase in insulin will
Lower blood sugar and trigger hunger.
Emotions are
All the Above
Two years ago, Maria was in an automobile crash in which her spinal cord was severed...
James- Lange theory
You are on your way to school to take a big exam...
James- Lange Theory
Which theory of emotion implies that every emotion is associated with a unique physiological theory
James- Lange Theory
Which emotion emphasizes the simultaneous experience of body response.
Cannon- Bard theory
The Cannon Bard theory of emotion states that
The conscious experience of an emotion occurs at the same time as the body's physical reaction.
Which of the following was not raised as a critism of the James Lange theory of emotion
People with a spinal cord injury at the neck typically experience less emotion.
Schachter's two factor theory emphasizes that emotion involves both.
Physical arousal and cognitive label.
After hitting a grand slam, mike noticed that his heart was pounding. Later after having a collision while driving...
two Factor theory
Who will probably be angrier after learning that his car has recievd a parking ticket.
Dan who just finished a tennis Match.
In the schacter-singer experiment which subjects reported feeling and emotional change in the presence of experimenter's highly emotional confederate?
Those receiving epinephrine but not expecting to feel physical arousal
Which of the following was not presented in the text as evidence that some emotional reactions involve no deliberate rational thinking?
Arousal of the sympathetic nervous system will rigger an emotion reaction ever when artificially induced by and injection of epinephrine.
Several studies have shown that physical arousal can intensify just about any emotion...
Cognitive labels of arousal in the conscious experience of emotions
Evidence that changes in facial expressions can directly affect people's feelings and body states conviced Robert Zajonc that..
Cognition is not necessary for emotion
Margret is a finalist... The two dimensions of her current emotion would be a ___ and ___.
Positive Valence, High Arousal
The field of health psychology is concerned with
All the above
Dr. Williams Who conducts smoking cession clinics, explains to his clients...
according to the text, one-half of all deaths from the 10 leading causes of death in the US can be attributed to.
Behavioral and medical knowledge anout factors influencing health for the basis of what field:
Behavioral Medicine
Stress is defined as:
the Process by which we percieve and respond to challenging or threatening events.
Connie complains that she has too much stress in her life. the psychologist says the level of stress people experience depends on.
How they appraise the events of life
The stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine are released by the ___ Gland in response to stimulation by the __ Branch of the nervous system.
Adrenal: Sympathetic
In order, the sequence of stages in the general adaptation syndrome is:
Alarm reaction, stage of resistance, stage of exhaustion
During which stage of general adaptation is a person especially vulnerable to disease.
The exhaustion stage
"Tend and Befriend." refers to:
An alternative to fight or flight response that may be more common in women.
Bob does not start to study until just before midterms. He works through the night, which makes him sick, because he is in___ phase of ___.
Exhaustion: General adaptation
Research studies demonstrate that after catastrophe, rates of ___ often increase.
All the above
Karen and Kyumi are taking the same course with different instructors...
You have just transferred to a new campus and find yourself in a potential enviroment. according to the test, what would help you cope?
All the above
In one experiment, both executive rats and subordinate rates recieved identical electric shocks, the only dif. being whether the shocks could be.
Which of the following was not mentioned in the text as a critism for Freud's theory?
There is no evidence of anything like an "unconscious"
The text defines personality as:
An indivdual's characteristics patter of thinking, feeling and acting.
Which of the following places the greatest emphasis on the unconscious mind?
The psychoanalytic perspective
A major difference between the psychoanalytic and trait perspectives is that:
All the above
According to Freud's theory, personality arises in response to conflicts between:
Our biological impulses and social restraints against them.
According to the psychoanalytic perspective, a child who frequently "slips" and call her teacher "mom" probably:
Has some unresolved conflicts conerning her mother
ID is to Ego as ___ is to ____
Pleasure principle, Reality Principle
According to Freud, ____ is the process by which children incorporate their parents values into their ___
Identification : Superego
Psychoanalytic would characterize a person who is impulsive and self indulgent as possessing a strong__ and a Weak___
ID. Superego
Which of the following is the correct order of psychosexual stages proposed by Freud:
Oral; anal; phallic; latency; genital
Jill has a biting sarcastic manner. According to Freud she is fixated on
The oral stage of development
The Oedipus and Electra complexes have their roots in the
Phallic Stage
Suzy bought... the car's attractiveness, good acceleration, and stereo. According to Freud she is using a defense mechanism of.
according to Freud, defense mechanisms are methods of reducing
The personality test Teresa is taking involves her describing random patterns of dots. what type of test is she taking?
A projective test
Which of the following is true concerning abnormal behavior?
Definitions of abnormal behavior are culture- dependent
The criteria for classifying behavior as psychologically disordered
are characterized by both A and B
Behavior is classified as disodered when it is
all the Above
Our early ancestors commonly attributed disordered behavior to
Evil Spirits
French reformer who insisted that madness was not demon possession and who called humane treatment of patients was
Which of the following is true of the medical model?
It views psychological disorders as a sickness that are diagnosed and treatable
Most mental health workers today view that disordered behavior:
Arise that interaction of nature and nurture
schizophrenia are universal and influenced by heredity, where as other disorders such as anorexia are culture bound provides evidence for the ___
Bio psycho social
Evidence of envoromental effects on psychological such as___ universal, whereas other, such as ___ are culture bound
Depression, Anorexia Nervosa
Many psychological dislike DMA- IV because of its
Medical Model Bias
The Diagnostic reliability of DSM-IV
Relatively high
Which of the following statements concerning the labeling of disordered behaviors is not true?
Labels interfere with effective treatment of psychological disorders
The term insanity refers to
Legal definitions
Phobias and OCD behaviors are classified as
Anxiety disorders
Sharon os continually tense, jittery, and apprehensive for no specific reason. she would probably be diagnose with.
Generalized anxiety disorder
As electri psychotherapist is one who
uses a variety of techniques, depending on the client and the problem
The technique in which a person is asked to report everything that comes through the mind is called__ favored by __ therapist
Free Association: Psychanalytic
During a session with his psychoanalytic, jamal hesitates while describing a highly embarrassing though. This is an example of?
Jane has developed strong hate feelings for her therapist. The analytic interprets Jane's behavior in terms of a __ of feeling towards her father
Of the following therapist, who would be most likely to interpret a person's psychological problems of repressed impulses.
Which type of psychotherapy would be most likely to use the interactions of dreams as a technique for bringing unconscious feelings into awareness
Both A and B
Which of the following is not common criticisms of psychoanalyst
It gives therapists too much control over the patient
Unlike traditional psychoanalutic therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy
Focuses on current relationships
Of the following categories of psychotherapy, which is known for its nondirective nature
Humanistic therapy
Given Jim's therapists attempts to help him by ordering geniuses, acceptance, and empathy she probably practicing
Client Centered therapy
Carl Rogers was a ___ Therapist who was the creator of ____
Humanist; Client centered therapy
The technique in which a therapist echos and restates what a person says in a non directive manner is called
Active listening
Which type of psychotherapy focuses on changing unwanted behaviors rather than on discovering the underlying causes
Behavior therapy
The techniques of counter conditioning are based on principle of
Classical conditioning