A New Nation 1776-1815

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What was called the greatest blueprint for government?
The United States Constitution
New Jersey even gave some _______ and ________ the right to vote.
women and blacks
HOw many years did it take the states to approve the Articles of Confederation?
Who believed that women should go to school?
Benjamin Rush
Who started the first black church in North America?
Richard Allen
What did General WIlliam Shepherd do to the farmers in Shays's Rebellion?
Attacked and killed four farmers
Who wrote the constitution and brought it to the convention?
James Madison
What did the New Jersey Plan call for?
the 1 state 1 wote system
The constitution allowed the slave trade to continue for another ________ years.
Who wrote the Federalist Papers?
John Jay, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton
What did James Madison promise to add tot he constitution?
The Bill of Rights
Who called the U.S. a "Hercules in the cradle"?
Alexander Hamilton
How did Hamilton plan to pay off hte mational debt?
One important cheif justice of the supreme court was ________ ________
John Marshall