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Meaning Of Playing Cards

Meaning Of Playing Cards For Readings And Spreads

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Ace of Hearts
triumph in love; visit or change of address; love letter
King of Hearts
tempermental, passionate man; someone who has the power to do good; guy getting reading
Queen of Hearts
a loving, trusted woman; someone faithful, knowledgable, and plays fair; girl getting the reading
Jack of Hearts
a good or close friend; someone you've known a long time; reunion of separated lovers
Ten of Hearts
good luck; peace/happiness in family/home
Nine of Hearts
Wish card; bad cards around it represent obstacles to overcome so wish can come true
Eight of Hearts
an approach; an invite to a party or event; proposal
Seven of Hearts
disappointment; broken promises; cancelled date
Six of Hearts
sudden windfall, generosity; you may be taken advantage of
Five of Hearts
indecision, insecurity, jealousy, obsession
Four of Hearts
postponement of something important; cancelled or delayed marriage
Three of Hearts
warning to be sensible, watch for deception, unwise decision
Two of Hearts
success; delays in reaching goal if near bad cards
Ace of Spades
bad news, death, illness, miscarriage, separation, etc.
King of Spades
ambitious, thoughtless man; man who will cause problems in relationship
Queen of Spades
cruel woman, divorcee, widow; for women - betrayal of friend; for men - woman who will use you
Jack of Spades
obstacles, laziness, hindrances; indolent young man who gets in the way
Ten of Spades
emotional anguish, cruelty, worry, greif, a turn for the worse (very unlucky - cancels out if by good cards, twice as unlucky if by bad cards)
Nine of Spades
delays, quarrels, opposition, illness, misery, defeat, failure
Eight of Spades
false friends, secret enemies; examine relationships!
Seven of Spades
loss of friendship or trust; a battle not worth fighting
Six of Spades
discipline and efficient carrying out of plans
Five of Spades
being at the threshold of a project; money anxiety; success in business or love after lots of hard work
Four of Spades
minor misfortune, short illness, temporary setback
Three of Spades
infidelity; love triangle; love or marriage that is ending
Two of Spades
complete and forced change: sudden move, change in relationship, death
Ace of Diamonds
important message: letter/package, new job, promotion, cash windfall, engagement ring, etc.
King of Diamonds
bitter rival; powerful man
Queen of Diamonds
spirited, flirty woman
Jack of Diamonds
bringer of bad news; selfish young man
Ten of Diamonds
life changes, a move, a trip for business/money reasons
Nine of Diamonds
adventure; move in hopes of advancement
Eight of Diamonds
a new relationship, reunion, renewal of vows
Seven of Diamonds
bad luck on enterprise/idea; man who is unreliable, gambler/drinker
Six of Diamonds
early marriage; premature end to a relationship
Five of Diamonds
prosperity, long enduring friendship, pride in family, success with children
Four or Diamonds
power, an inheritance, good fortune; betrayal in business
Three of Diamonds
divorce, legal/domestic battles, quarrels, violence, separartion
Two of Diamonds
serious love affair thriving despite oods or resulting in marriage (or interfering with one)
Ace of Clubs
wealth, fame, having many friends, achievement
King of Clubs
very good friend; good business, prosperity, philanthropy
Queen of Clubs
wife or girlfriend for guy; good friend or sister for girl
Jack of Clubs
a reliable friend, sincere but impatient, good at cheering up
Ten of Clubs
unexpected gift, money or good fortune; long fun-filled journey
Nine of Clubs
arguments with friends; a dispute that will remain unsolved; an affair or infidelity, a new romance
Eight of Clubs
urgent need for money; bad decisions; opposition
Seven of Clubs
success, prosperity; competition, dealing with rivals in romance
Six of Clubs
a profitable business or partnership based on mutual goals/friendship, a successful project
Five of Clubs
aid or support from family/friends; marriage
Four of Clubs
danger, misfortune, failure, friends getting in the way
Three of Clubs
marriage or union; sometimes long engagement or sex w/o marriage
Two of Clubs
opposition, disappointment, lack of acceptance in business or social circle