Functions Of The Body Systems

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Intagumentary System
External covering of the body. It waterproofs the body. Synthesizes vitamin D; location of cataneous (pain, pressure receptors etc.). Regulates body tempurature. Excretes salt and urea through perspiration.
Skeletal System
Protects and supports body organs; provides a framework muscles use to cause movement; blood cells are formed within bones (hematopoiesis); stores minerals.
Muscular System
Allos manipulation of the environment, locomotion, and facial expressions; maintains posture; produces heat.
Nervous System
Fast acting control systemn of the body; responds to internal and external changes by activating appropriate muscles and glands. (nerve impulses).
Endocrine System
Glands secrete hormones that regulate processes such as growth, reproduction and nutrient use (metabolism) by body cells. Slow acting.
Cardiovascular System
Blood vessels transport blood which carries oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, wastes, hormones, etc,; the heart pumps blood. White blood cells and chemicals in the blood help to protect the body from bacteria, toxins and tumor cells.
Complimentary to cardiovascular system. The lymphatic vessels return fluid leaked from the blood to the blood vessels so that blood can be kept continuously circulating through the body. Lymph nodes cleanse the blood and house the cells involved in imunity.