FDR's New Deal Programs

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Identify Programs And Their Purposes

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CCC stands for
Civilian Conservation Corps
Year CCC was passed
Purpose of the CCC
Gave jobs to unemployed single men planting trees, building bridges, and creating new parks. Worked on conservation projects.
NIRA stands for?
National Industrial Recovery Act
WPA stands for?
Works Progress Administration
Year NIRA was passed?
Year WPA was passed?
Type of help offered by the CCC?
Employment help
Type of help offered by the NIRA?
Business help and reform
Type of help offered by the WPA?
Employment help
What does FERA stand for?
Federal Emergency Relief Administration
When was FERA passed?
What was the purpose of the WPA?
Create jobs: build schools, hospitals, parks, playgrounds, and airports. It gave artists, musicians, and writers jobs too. Artists would paint murals on public buildings.
What was the purpose of FERA?
Gave money to state and local agencies for use in relief projects for the 13 million unemployed people.
What does EBRA stand for?
Emergency Banking Relief Act
What does FDIC stand for?
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
What does SEC stand for?
Securities and Exchange Commission
What does TVA stand for?
Tennessee Valley Authority
What does AAA stand for?
Agricultural Adjustment Act
When was the AAA passed?
When was the REA passed?
What does REA stand for?
Rural Electrification Administration
When was the TVA passed?
When was the SEC passed?
When was the FDIC passed?
When was EBRA passed?
What was the purpose fo the AAA?
The government paid farmers not to grow certain crops (thereby stopping surplusses). Farmers were also paid to get rid of surplus crops and animals.
What was the purpose of the TVA?
Built 40 dams on the Tennessee River to control flooding and produce inexpensive electricity. Turned a poor region into a land of productive farms.
What the purpose of the FDIC?
Protected deposits in banks approved by the government up to $5,000 ($100,000 today).
What was the purpose of the REA?
Provided electricity to rural areas (farms).
What was the purpose of the SEC?
Supervised the stock market and stopped dishonest practices>