Dimensions Of Social Welfare Policy Ch. 3, 4

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choices among various principles upon which social provisions are made accessible to particular people and groups in society
bases of social allocations
conventional sense of fair treatment;peoples deservedness should be based on cont.to society,special cons.4 inability not their own making
the desirability of providing a decent standard of physical and spiritual well being
extent to which all individuals are treated as equal members of society. nobody who is eligible will feel shame/stigma from applying for benefits
social effectiveness
provisions that offer considerable choice to express individual preferences
freedom of choice
provisions that limit individual choice
social control
values that influence whether delivery system is designed along democratic or bureucratic lines
freedom of dissent and efficiency
values that find expression in financing and administration of programs
local autonomy and centralization
the influence and support that social science insights render to policy choices
suppositions for which there has been little systematic effort to obtain and codify evidence
provision of defined min subsidy 4 families with little/no income;use of formula to determine how much this subsidy decreases as earnings increase
negative tax
benefits made available to an entire pop. as a basic right
benefits made available on basis of individual need. usually determined by a test of income
uniform payments to certian categories of persons indentified only by demographic char.
becoming actively engaged in an experiment, part. develop a comm. to its sucess, and behave in ways that do not disappoint the investigators
hawthrone effect
a complete disclosure of income and assets; a direct way of confining social benefits
means test
concerend only with applicants current income, usually verified through tax returns
income test
eligibility based on member. in groups of people having common needs not met by existing social arrangements; need defined by normative standards
attributed need
eligibility conditional on member. in groups of people who have made special cont. or unfairly suffered harm at hands of society
eligibility conditional on prof. judgements of individual cases where special goods and services may be needed
diagnositc differentiation
eligibility conditional on evidence regarding individuals inability to purchase goods and/or services
mean-tested need
focusing on those most likely to benefit and ignoring those least likely to succeed in social programs