Chapter 7:Road To Independance

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Chapter 7:Road To Independance

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Who was a major thinker and write during the Enlightenment?
John Locke
What branch of the U.S. government make up the court system?
Judicial Branch
What was the name of America's first constitution?
The Articles of Confederation
What is the name of the lawmaking branch of government?
Legislative branch
Who introduced the Virginia Plan?
Edmund Randolph
What document created the Conferation Congress?
Articles of Confederation
What protects individual rights?
Bill of Rights
Presidential electors make up the __________ ____________
Electoral College
What was Shay's Rebellion?
To protect farmers from the state
Why was the government of the Confederation unable to pay its debts?
Lacked taxing power
What years did the Articles of Conferation govern the U.S.?
Under the U.S. Constitution, the president and vice-president are elected indirectly by a special group called the ____________.
Electoral College
What two important British documents influenced the framers of the U.S. Constition?
Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights
What divided in the West,north of the Ohio River into townships six miles long and six miles wide?
Ordinance of 1785
What did the Constitutional Convention decide that Congress would not interfere with for 20 years?
Slave Trade
What is the most distinctive features of the U.S. government?
Separation of power
What is the period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases called?
Who suggested the Great Compromise?
Roger Sherman
Which two states kept their colonial charters as their constitutions?
Connecticut, Rhode Island
What state was the first to approve the Constitution?
What movement influenced the Constitution's architects?
What was the name of America's first constitution?
The Articles of Confederation
What law helped stop the spread of slavery to the west?
Northwest Ordinance
What group supported the new Constitution?
What keeps any one branch of government from gaining too much power?
Checks and Balances
How many states did Congress need to pass a law?
9 states
Control and use of what river was a major issue between the U.S. and Spain in the 1780's?
Mississippi River
How many states had to approve the Articles of Confederation?
Who has final authority under the federal system?
The Constitution
What type of government allow citizens to rule through elected representatives?
What was the name of the book of essays explaning and supporting the Constitution?
Federalists Papers
The Divison of powers between the national government and the states is a _______________ system?
How can the president check Congress
What was the product of the "grand committee"
limited the power of the government
Under the Confederation, many states avoided a concentration of government power by establishing a ____________ legislature.
When the U.S. Constitution was completed, why did three delegates refuse to sign it?
It did not have a Bill of Rights
The central government authority under the Articles of Confederation was the _____________
Confederation Congress
The system of ______________ in the U.S. Constitution ensures that no one branch of the federal government can become too powerful.
Checks and Balances
Who was the presiding officer at the Constitutional Convention?
George Washington
What type of legislatures did most states establish?