Chapter 27 - Path Of Empire

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Path Of EMpire

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Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst
"yellow" press influenced overseas expansion
Reverend Josiah Strong
inspired missionaries to spread faith overseas
Alfred Thayer Mahan
his book said that Every successful nation had a great navy - incited a naval race amongst countries
James G. Blaine and his "Big Sister" policy
sought better relations with Latin america

presided over the first Pan-American Conference in D.C.
Secretary of State Richard Olney and Venezualan territory
sent Britain a message to back away from disputed area in Venezuela.

Britain gained most of what they asked for

Monroe Doctrine was enhanced
US missionaries success in hawaii and commercial trade and rights to Pear Harbor made hawaii a good candidate for annexation

mcKinley tariff raised taxes on sugar - solution was to annex hawaii

Cleveland found that it was wrong to annex them when they disapproved
Spanish General Weyler
drove civilian cubans to concentration camps to prevent them from helping rebellious cubans
Spanish misrule caused cuba to torch their sugar cane fields in hopes that it would make Spain leave or america interfere

america had annual trade and investment at stake in cuba so it was against spain

Cleveland refused to do anything
Maine Explosion
America sent the Maine to cuba to protect americans there in case an uprising flared up. it mysteriously blew up in Havana Harbor. Americans took least likeley explanation to go to war with spain. Yellow journalism played a big part in the upcry
McKinley and the Spanish American war
McKinley did not want hostilities since he was a major of the Civil War and had seen enough bloodshed

he gave in to public pressure because he had no faith in Spains promises regarding Cuba and that Cubans should be free
Teller Amendment
proclaimed to the world that when US throws out Spanish misrule, it would give the CUbans their freedom
George Dewey
Commanded the American Asiatic Squadron. His naval control was brilliant at Manila Bay, destroying the Spanish fleet, and he became a national hero overnight

he could not storm the islands and fortresses so he hda to wait for reinforcements. meanwhile other nations moved into harbor to protect their men
Emilio Aguinaldo
Led Flipino Insurgents to help AMerica overthrow Spanish rulers
Admiral Cervera
Sent by Spain to go to Cuba, he found refuge in Santiago harbor, but then was blockaded.

Persistently pleaded with Spain to not go into fighting.

Spain told him to fight for the flag, and he was subsequently deSTROYED
ROugh Riders
colourful volunteer regiment of the spanish american war led by Teddy Roosevelt
McKinley said that it wouldnt be right to give Spain bakc the Philippines. If they left Filipinos, they might fall into anarcy. Or a major power will try to seize them, dragging the US into another war. Instead america decided to christinize and civilize the filipinos
Outcome of SPanish War
pact of Paris: America got Guam and Puerto Rico, freed cuba, and paid 20 million bucks for the philippines
Anti-Imperialist League
opposed america's taking of Philippines.

Members: Mark Twain, William James, Samuel Gompers, and Andrew Carnegie
Rudyard Kipling urged America to keep the philippines and "civilize them" through his poem "The White Man's Burden"

other expansionists argued that Philippines could befome another Hong Kong.
Foraker Act
America allowed Puerto Rico a limited degree of popular government and granted them US citizenship
Insular Cases
Supreme Court ruled that constitution didnt have full authority on how to deal with the islands.

ruled that although america had full control legally over places like cuba and the philippines 's citizens did not have full rights
Platt Amendment
essentialy the constitution of Cuba

1. it said that the US could intervene and restore order in case of anarchy
2. it couoldnt sign a treaty that would compromise its independance
3. US could get two bays for naval bases, notably Guantanamo bay
4. Cuba couldnt loan more than it could pay
Spanish American war was short and affirmed Americas presence as a world power.
McKinley's Ultimatums
1, cuban concentration camps close
2, open nego. with cuban rebels
3, spain must ensure that peace returns to cuba, even if it means independence
Jones act and second jones act
1. Allowed Philippines to elect both houses
2. same thing for puerto rico
incorporated vs. unincorporated
incorporated: hawaii and alaska

could become states and get full rights

unincorporated: cuba, puerto rico, philipines

only had basic rights and could not have full rights