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The Texas uprising against Mexico was characterized by
an alliance between Americans and Tejanos.
By 1848, the United States had gained all of the following territories EXCEPT
One of the most important factors in the exploration of the West was the
fur trade
The Lewis and Clark expedition was financed by
the federal government
American fur traders joined in a yearly trade fair in the Rockies characterized by the polyglot collection of many nationalities called
The justification for the western removal of the Indians was
Indians needed a space where they could live undisturbed by whites.
Which one of the following has the LEAST in common with the other three?
Karl bodmer
The outcome of Indian removal in the southern part of Indian Territory in the 1830s-1850s was
successful creation of new communities and self-government.
Americans justified their restless expansion in all of the following ways EXCEPT this:
Canada and Mexico should belong to the United States.
While challenged by other historians, popular opinion supports the view of frontier historian, Frederick Jackson
shaped Americans into a uniquely optimistic democratic people.
Pioneers were motivated to move west for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
a desire for rural life to counterbalance industrialization.
Which one of the following was NOT a major cause of death on the Overland Trails
Generally, pioneers traveling the Overland Trails in the 1840s and 1850s were
traveling in larger groups for safety and for help fording rivers and crossing mountains.
From the 1780s to about 1810, the dominant industry in the Oregon Territory was
fur trade
The United States gained the Oregon Territory south of the 49th parallel
through a treaty with Great Britain.
Spain's exclusionary policy toward Santa Fe changed when
Mexico gained its independence from spain
American settlers in this community practiced a frontier of exclusion from the beginnings of settlement:
In Mexico, people of mixed blood (Indian and Spanish) were called
The Mexican government invited settlement into Texas because it
wanted to create a buffer zone between it and the Comanches.
Stephen F. Austin and his hand-picked fellow colonists in Texas agreed to Mexican terms that they
accept the Catholic faith.
Austin's Texas colonists most represented what region of the United States?
the south
The early Texas settlers were concentrated in the
river bottoms of east texas
All of the following were reasons why Texans rebelled against the Mexican government EXCEPT
Mexicans began raising the price of land.
The Texas army defeated the Mexican army under the leadership of
Sam Houston
The Republic of Texas was not immediately annexed by the United States largely because of the
fact that Texas would have to be admitted as a slave state.
The Liberty Party's showing in the 1844 election was the first political sign of the growing strength of
antislavery opinion.
During the Mexican War, northern Whigs began to characterize the war as a/an
d. example of the president's abuse of power
As commander-in-chief during the war, James K. Polk defined the role of president by
coordinating both civilian and military goals and needs.
The Mexican-American War began over
a border dispute
The Americans went to war with Mexico because the
United States wanted Mexican territory.
Most 1840s American immigrants to California made
no effort to conform to Spanish ways or intermarry with Californios.
Levi Strauss' economic success illustrated that
the real money was in services to the forty-niners.
The first outsiders to penetrate the isolation of Spanish California were the
After 1849, California attracted thousands of settlers because of
the discovery of gold.
In general, free-soilers were
anti black
The doctrine of popular sovereignty meant that
the nation had still not resolved sectional differences
Louisiana slaveholder General Zachary Taylor, who ran for the Whig Party and won,
c. privately opposed the expansion of slavery.